Cobra Kai Season 2 I Now Streaming Free for a Limited Time

Cobra Kai Season 2 I Now Streaming Free for a Limited Time

Defeat does not
exist in this dojo You’re in for a rude
awakening Cobra Kai is about
being badass [ crowd chanting Cobra Kai ] I know how to beat
Cobra Kai I did it 30 years ago and I can do it again Bring it on [ Music ]


    Very good I think YouTube has to be less greedy as it makes millions of dollars worth of free videos, has to keep up the trend and release all free episodes.

    Just the trailer is kinda hilarious on itself cuz Johnny best one guy and if you look at the first movie, you can see he earned the respect of that guy! And if you go by what Maguie was teaching, you shouldn’t fight with such attitude! And in these three seasons Johnny has nothing BUT attitude towards that one guy he beat! 🙄 like shut the up about it!

    KOBRAAAAAAAAAA KAIIIII, oMg seasun 2 in gunna be so epic, (song playS w sultry singer) ITS A KRUEWL,,,,B HOLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. i can defeat kobruh kiiiiiiiiiiiiii. STFU an gtf off my commercials!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    When is Season 3!??!?! Cannot wait for what happens!!!!! This show is a big wow for me! Grew up with you and i am like how William related too a star trex fan!! Cant wait boys it will be epic! I never comment on anything but this time i am too excited to relive my youth not too 😉

    I swear to god this series is amazing! Congrats YouTube. Keep this amazing quality up and i will keep paying for my Premium subscription, just please dont ruin it like most shows do. Take your time making the next seasons and dont choose quantity over quality

    Ralph Machio still holds his hands up like he's weak as a loose door on a shitty house in the southern summer.

    The fashist YouTube just shut down red ice media. I am fed up with YouTube censorship and political persecution. I would never pay anything to these bastards.

    Hey guys. It's Wednesday and you haven't unlocked S2 Ep8, which is the most recent episode that's supposed to be unlocked.

    I am ready for season 3 to it will be awesome I love cobra kai it's a great show please release it quick I have nothing to watch

    Daniel: when you defeat the final boss and decide to go back to the starter
    Johnny: when you realize that you have become the hero and the original hero is the final boss

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