Club AlumnForce – Juin 2017 – Inalco

Hello everyone,
Welcome to this sixth edition of Club AlumnForce. We are welcomed today by Inalco, today the Club brings together 40 networks We will start with AlumnForce news, followed by a workshop by Thai Lam about events promotion with Google AdWords and Facebook, We’ll then continue with a conference
by ENS Alumni’s President about digital transformation, And we will end, of course, by the After-Club for a friendly time with all of our networks. And so I wish you all an excellent Club AlumnForce! We have been working with AlumnForce for about three years and we have decided to continue working with AlumnForce because they are reactive and their prices defy any competition on top of that, we continue to work with AlumnForce because its meets our needs and the big advantage is that we can adapt the solution. In fact, when we need changes the evolution is quick when we need changes and that is great ! I attended the Club in July last year I find it very interesting to be able to interact with the other members of the community whether it is business schools or other schools. We have common issues, whether it’s about membership, about updating the directory, to federate our members and, above all we can ask questions live, get answers and understand better how you work. I thank AlumnForce for this afternoon which was both rich and interesting, which allowed us to meet people who have the same interests. I learned things about the product and I also learned about its use. For sure, we’ll have the opportunity to use and apply what I learnt today. The public was very interested, I knew it was going to have a big impact since the amounts involved are quite substantial and we see that people are thinking about it. It is new practices, new techniques that were not necessarily in the world of associations and I hope it will bring new inspirations. Anyway, I have contacts with other administrators to share our experience. Today I was very happy to host the User Club at Inalco I would recommend all AlumnForce users to attend these User’s Clubs because it is very useful, we share experiences, it helps a lot to improve the network’s management, which is super interesting. The entire AlumnForce team would like to thank you for coming to this sixth User Club at Inalco. We would like to thank the team Inalco Alumni to have welcomed us. You have been more than 45 people to join us, which represents about 30 associations so thank you again and hope to see you many at the next Users Club that will take place at the end of November / beginning of December. Thank you and good evening !

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