ClickMagick Review | Best Online Marketing Tracking Software?

ClickMagick Review | Best Online Marketing Tracking Software?

Hey everyone, Nate Valline here with
Savvy Internet Marketing Reviews and you’re here for my ClickMagick review
and to get my take on what I believe is one of the best online marketing
tracking software out there. Now if you’re doing any online marketing, it is
so important to track the performance of your efforts to fully optimize your
business and really your bottom line. You need to know where your traffic is
coming from, how many of those visitors are taking action and opting in, and
ultimately of those visitors how many are purchasing your offer. The reason you
need to know this, is so that you can identify and plug the holes in your
marketing funnel and the areas in your business, so that you don’t waste your
valuable marketing dollars. For instance, most online marketers utilize
at least a couple different traffic sources be it display ads, social media,
video, etc., and without tracking the performance of each traffic source you
could be spending the majority of your budget on, let’s just say social
media, because that’s the “hot” thing to do right now, but in reality your message
might not be connecting with your audience. So that would be wasted
spending… Where you know if you’re tracking that performance you could
identify which source connects best with your offer so that you can drive
more effective traffic to that page. But it goes even further… You know but now let’s
say that you do have a traffic source that is connecting with your audience
and your opt-in page is generating a ton of visitors. Wouldn’t you want to
know how many of those visitors are actually
taking action and opting in, and of those visitors, wouldn’t want to optimize that page so that you can increase the number of visitors
and lower your cost of acquisition. And then you know when it comes down to the
bottom line, don’t you want to know, don’t you think it’s vital to know exactly how
many of those opt-ins are purchasing your offer and what that percentage is.
Well that is where a tracking software like ClickMagick comes in. ClickMagick
is an online traffic tracking software that will track the performance of your
marketing efforts throughout the entire funnel. Through ClickMagic you can
create custom links that will track each traffic source so that you can track
that performance individually, so you can best allocate your resources to the
top performing source or sources. In addition, you can create custom pixels
through the ClickMagick custom, through the ClickMagick pixel generator,
excuse me, and doing this you can track the engagement and the actions of your
visitors on your site so you can calculate the click-through rates, you
can also click calculate the percentage of people that purchase your offer. Now don’t worry if this sounds too technical.
ClickMagick is full of information in its Help section, full of video tutorials
that can guide you through setting up everything and inform you on everything
so that you can use it like a pro and really optimize your business to the to
the level that you need it to be. Now I’ve been using ClickMagick for over a
year now, and I can honestly say it is the most accurate tracking software
that I’ve used and without it I would not be able to grow my business to the
levels that I am wanting to achieve. So now if you want some more information on
ClickMagick or if you even just want to take it for
our test drive, click the link in the button or click the link in the
description below now and you can receive a 14-day free trial. And if you
found this video helpful, give it a like and a share. If you have any questions or
comments, leave those below and I’ll do my best to answer them. And with that my
name is Nate Valline with Savvy Internet Marketing Reviews, I hope you enjoyed
this, and thanks for watching signing off.


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