Choti Sarrdaarni – 9th September 2019 – छोटी सरदारनी – Full Episode

Choti Sarrdaarni – 9th September 2019 – छोटी सरदारनी – Full Episode

‘Sarabjit, I’m sure… …that you will raise
Param very well.’ ‘You’ll take good care of him.’ ‘But don’t mind me saying this.’ ‘Your mentality is weak… …in understanding children.’ Mom, you and I… …will play rain game everyday. Is it fine? Yes, my boy! After playing rain game… …mom and Param will do oiling. ‘See! From dad’s son, he has
changed in to a mama’s boy now.’ ‘He doesn’t even look at you.
Param is so happy… …with his mother, right?’ ‘Thank God!’ ‘As he got a mother like her.’ Meher,
I’ll take you to Europe… …saying it’s a honeymoon trip. ‘I’ve made all arrangements
for your stay over there.’ ‘I guess this will be the
best plan for both of us.’ ‘After returning,
you’ll be able to… …live with Param peacefully.’ ‘I will also be able to
raise my child properly.’ “The hair is so beautiful.’ “The hair is so lovely.’ ”Mom is… …combing Param’s hair.” Mom, who taught you… …this song? “The hair is so beautiful.” “The hair is so lovely.” “Dad is… …combing Meher’s hair.” My dad. When I was… …of your age… …my dad would
sing this song… …and comb my hair. Where is your dad? With God. My mom had gone to God, too. Do you know this?
When all the children… …used to call me a fool… …I would cry a lot. Then one day,
I wrote a letter… …to God. God, every child has a mother. Only Param doesn’t
have a mother. Send my mom back to me. Please! Then God sent you… …to me immediately. My mom, Meher! And mom… …has combed your
hair in a jiffy. Mom, you have combed
my hair so well. Everyone pulls my
hair from the sides. It hurts me a lot. ‘You always cry.’ ‘I’ll give you a tight slap.
Then you’ll stop complaining.’ Mom! Promise me… …that even when
I’ll grow up… …you’ll comb my hair
daily, right? Promise me. Promise me. Pa… Param. – Dad. Do you know this? Even… …when I’ll grow up… …mom will comb my hair. I was asking mom to promise me. Param, come. – No, dad. Dad, please come
after five minutes. Please, dad! Mom and I are discussing about
something very important. Thank you, dad! Promise me. Do it. Your dad will comb
your hair daily. Like how my dad used
to comb my hair. No. – You will comb my hair. Mom, when your dad… …went to God… …who used to comb your hair? Tell me.
Your mom used to comb your hair? Param’s dad loves
Param immensely. Promise me that you’ll tell your
dad daily that you love him. Did you used to tell ‘I
love you’ to your mom daily? You mom loves you immensely
too, right? Did you tell her
‘I love you’ today? ‘Wear this.
It matches perfectly.’ ‘Meher,
you’ll get married and leave.’ ‘But who’ll make me calm when
I get angry once you leave?’ Mom, tell your mom
that you love her. Come on. Tell her, mom. God, have mercy on us! I submit myself on to you. ‘Khalsa belongs to the Almighty.’
‘Victory belongs to the Almighty.’ Who’s calling so
late in the night? What’s wrong? Bothering me so
late in the night. Meher! Hello, grandma! Greetings! Hello, Param! Greetings! It’s so late in the night.
Where’s your mom, Meher? She’s here. She’s the one who called you. My mom wants to… …say that she loves you. Param, dear. Why does she… …want to say
that she loves me? Because you love her a lot. You should never go to God… …leaving my mom. Else my mom will cry. And then even I will cry. Param, I will never make… …your mom and you cry. Even if I do go to God… …I will ask God… …to keep your mom… …and you always happy. Grandma, thank you! You gave me such a good mom. Okay, bye. I will ask mom and let you know. Mom! Mom, what happened? Mom, why are you crying? Have some water.
Come on, have it. Jagga,
I was crying out of happiness. You know, Param had called me. Param called you? Meher asked him to call me. Jagga, Meher made
Param say something… …which I have been
longing for so long. What did Param say anyway? I love you! Mom, I love you! I love you! Mom. I love you, dear. Why did you ask me
to leave the room? I didn’t ask you to leave. I only requested you to leave. Were you hurt? Yes, I was very hurt. Okay. What did I teach you? Whenever you hurt someone… …what should you do? Sorry! Say it properly.
How did I teach you? Sorry! – Say sorry and… And give a big smile. Yes. – Sorry, dad! Correct. My darling! ‘How dare you do all this?’ ‘I didn’t know that
you are so cheap.’ ‘Actually, I… …asked Mr. Tarkash
to give you this gift. Wonderful! I don’t get you. You forgive Param instantly no
matter how grave the mistake is. But if it’s someone else… …it’s impossible
for you to forgive it. Well, then I have to live by
your terms and conditions. I have to make bitter gourd. And what else?
Yes, ‘Aloo Methi’… …and ‘Pulao’.
Only then you will forgive me. Isn’t it? Yes, aunt. So, it’s final.
Ludhiana, Jalandhar and Phagwara. Next week, we need to add new
members in these three places… …and strengthen the
base of our party. Through our rallies. We will
spread it among the people… …that our mission
is not to rule… …but the development
and prosperity of Punjab. Mr. Gill,
when our party comes to power… …the people will get it anyway.
– Listen to me. Even a new couple… …takes at least ten years
to understand each other. What will the people
understand in a year? Mr. Hukumchand,
you are my favorite politician. Just tell me how can I help you? Just what the God does. Just order some lunch
and feed this hungry man. I’m very hungry.
Please order something. Yes. Mr. Tarkash. Call Dragon’s Lair
and order some lunch. There’s no need to order
lunch from outside. Today, the lunch has
been sent from your home. Wow! ‘Aloo Methi’,
‘pulao’ and ‘Bharwan Karela’. It’s amazing, Mr. Tarkash. Today, all these are
my favorite dishes. Wow! It’s amazing! The dish is wonderful! Mr. Gill, this is no ordinary
cooking. This is magic! This is the magic
of Mr. Gill’s chef! The ‘Bharwan Karela’ dish has
been specially made for Sarab. Mr. Tarkash, come here. Come here. Mr. Tarkash, thank you so much. This is amazing!
Tell the cook… …to keep sending such
delicious dishes everyday. Thank you so much! Don’t thank me.
– What’s in that, Mr. Tarkash? It has sweets in it for you. Get them here, then. Here you are. – Thank you! Read what it says. ‘Sorry, Mr. Sarabjit.
I yelled and got… …angry at you yesterday
without hearing you out.’ ‘I called you a lot of names.’ ‘I should not have
behaved like this.’ ‘Specially when you had gone to
get me dad’s picture for me… …which is my most
favorite thing.’ Meher has cooked
this delicious food. Has Meher cooked this food? Yes. – Sarab, you have prepared
the strategy of our party. Now,
listen to what I have to say. We must have a dinner party! I will come to your house… …tonight with my wife. Ask Meher… …to teach my wife the recipe
to make Stuffed Bitter Gourds. We will come to your house
regularly from now on… …to eat the delicious
food cooked by Meher. My life will be set! Everyone agrees with me. What happened?
Is there any problem? No, Mr. Hukumchand. Sarabjit, what’s wrong… …if I cooked some bitter
gourds for you? – Do you… …know we have guests
coming over for dinner? You have created a huge scene! A scene? I wanted to apologize
to you and you… I don’t want any
apologies from you. And nor do I want to see
your remorseful smile. Do you know that not
just our family… …but my colleagues and
friends also think… …that we love each other… …and get along really well? Meher! It’s a question of a few days. After that,
you will go far away… …from not just this family and
city but also from this country. Meher! Please! It’s a request. As long as you stay… …in this house,
don’t do anything… …which would make my family
have any hopes from you. Did you understand
what I just said? Why are you scolding mom? Param, you mustn’t
interfere when adults talk. Come on. Go. You first need to
apologize to mom… …with a big smile. I said go to your room.
– I won’t leave! Are you going or should I…
– I won’t go! Scolding mom is like… …scolding me. I won’t go! Just a minute, Sarabjit. Param… …please go to your room. Okay, mom. What’s wrong with Param? He passed by as if he
was marching to a war. What happened to him? Is there anything serious?
Is all well? Yes, Harleen. All is well. Meher, I had come to
express my gratitude to you. You had cooked mind blowing
stuffed bitter gourd. Momsy really loved it. She wants you to
prepare the dish again. Mr. Hukumchand was
saying the same. How did he get to eat her dish? At the office. He, his wife and my
other colleagues… …are coming over
for dinner tonight… …to eat the stuffed
bitter gourd again. Harleen, please make the
necessary arrangements. Why are you telling me? Tell her since she
had prepared the dish. Go. Make the arrangements
for dinner. Let’s go.
I’ll help you in the kitchen. I love you! I’m sorry, Param! I love you! Softy, tell dad… …that I love mom. Mom never scolds me. But dad scolds me… …and gets angry with me.
Mom is good… …but dad is bad. Softy, let’s go to mom. Param. Param. ‘Param, my child.’ ‘You are too young to know
the difference between… …good and bad.’ ‘But I know that sometimes… …you need to be harsh… …in order to do
something good.’


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    Scene 1
    Sarab and Param dry their hair. Meher oils his hair. Sarab looks at them. Param says who taught you how to take care of hair? Meeher says my dad. He asks where is your dad? She says with God. Param says my mama went to God too. Kids used to make fun of me. Then I wrote God a letter and he gave me Meher mama. Param says you untangled my hair so well. When I grow up, you would do my hair every day right? Promise? Sarab comes in. Param says when I grow up Meher mama would do my hair. I was taking promise from her. Sarab says come here. Param says papa come after 5 minutes. I am talking to my mama. Meher says your dad would do your hair. Like my dad did. Param says who did your hair when your dad went to your God? Meher says your papa loves you. Tell him I love you every day. Param says

    you used to say I love you to your mom? Did you say I love you to her? Meher recalls her good moments with Kulwant. Param brings phone and says call and tell I love you to your mom.
    Kulwant gets a call. It’s Param. He says Meher mama has to say I love you to you. Kulwant says Meher would say it? Param says she loves you. Don’t go to God otherwise my mama would cry and I would cry too. Kulwant says I would never make my param and meher cry. Param says thank you, you gave me Meher mama. Kulwant cries. Jagga says what happened? Kulwant says Param said I love you on Meher’s behalf. Param hugs Meher and says I love you.

    Sarab says to Param you sent me out? Param says you felt bad? Sarab says what do you say? Param says sorry and smile. Harleen comes. Param hugs her.

    Scene 2
    Sarab meets his party. He says our mission isn’t ruling. It is to take Punjab on road of success. Hukum serves food. Everyone says the food is magic. Sarab says Hukum this food is amazing. He says there is a sweet dish too. He gives Sarab a letter. It is from Meher. Meher says sorry. I was mad at you without a reason. You got me my dad’s photo. I hope you like the food I made. Hukum says Meher made this food. Sarab smiles.
    Sarab says to Meher why did you do this? Now everyone thinks we live with love. Meher says I was trying to say sorry. He says people shouldn’t think we are happy. Param says why are you being mad at my mom? Sarab says param go from here. Param says I wont’ go. Meher says Param please.. Param says okay Meher mama. Harleen says all well? She says Meher you made such good food. SArab says Hukumchand is coming for dinner. Di get something ready please. Harleen says Meher would. Sarab comes to Param. He says sorry. Param says I love Meher mama I like her. He goes to Meher.

    Scene 3
    Hukumchand says the dinner is amazing. Meher your love for Sarab is the special masala. Everyone appreciates Meher. Harleen says she brought happiness in our house. The woman says Meher you have owned Param so well. He is innocent. When you have your own kids please don’t abandon Param. Sarab says Param lets go. Param says I wanna sleep with meher mama. Meher takes Param and says I will make him sleep. Param sleeps.

    Sarab comes to Param and says wake up. Meher says he is sleeping. Dont’ wake him up. Sarab says reality would wake him up too. What would I do once you leave? Would I marry a third woman? Please don’t do all this. Make Param hate you. So he hates the word mother. It would be easier for him to get over. Meher says kids are like God. There can’t be any hate there. Why do you want me to do that. He says if you can think about your child.. I have to think about mine. He is getting used to you. Please.. Meher is in tears. Sarab says you have to make Param hate you. Sarab leaves.

    Scene 4
    Next morning, Param says my mama is playing hide and seek. He comes to Meher and holds her hand. Param says mama I am hungry. what would you make me eat today? Meher looks at Sarab. Meher says I would make you eat tinday. Param says I hate tinday. I would never eat it. Param leaves.
    Param comes to dolly. He says my mummy is making tinday for me. I don’t like them. Dolly says she is being stepmom? Sweeti says what makes her stepmom. Dolly says I would get you pizza made. He asys I would only eat when my mama make it.

    Yuvi is on Sarpannj’s seat. Kulwant says future is here. Amrita says who would give him admission now? Kulwant says I would get him admission in any school. Kulwant says I would become minister and yuvi would sit on this seat.

    Dolly sees tinday. She says I thought Meher would make something good for Param. Param says I would only eat what my mom made. Param says but mama I don’t like tnday. Meher says tinday makes your body stronger. You would become superhero. Param says I would eat tinday every day. He eats tinday. Param says these are my favorite now.
    Sarab comes to Meher and says what is all this? Meher says I tried. SArab says he would eat tinday now every day. Meher says they are actually good for health. SArab says I asked you to make him hate you. Param says i have to do homework mama. Sarab says I would get it done. Param says no you ruined my homework last time. My mummy would do it.

    I can't understand is param a girl in real life or bcz when meher opened params hair param looked like a cute girl if she is not then she clearly looks like one, her eyes maches her look love you param

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