Chinese Advertisers HATE THIS MAN! You won’t believe this mind blowing clickbait trick!

Chinese Advertisers HATE THIS MAN! You won’t believe this mind blowing clickbait trick!


    Bro I know your not talking about China building their wealth on the back of others… American, English did a lot worse than start a counterfeit company

    I would have like to see the waterproof test on video. I wonder if you can use it as a flotation device on a plane crash as it will fit in the overhead compartment.

    hope these entrepreneurs at the end of the video are doing well. The product was very interesting. But when I try to go to the website… welll it doesn't seem to exist?

    This just came up in my recommendations. I am dealing with this right now here in Korea. They want me to do all of this stuff without pay

    I wonder what happened to that company and the staff since this video since the domain isn't working anymore 🙁

    yea can i get the link to that Chinese gimble? It has to be cheaper than the ones in the west LOL. Wait how can she search youtube if youtube is banned in China, and I believe VPN's are as well. Also luggage companies website stopped working.

    Love your vids mate – and plan to visit there a lot when i am on my feet again; the place fascinates me – well done and many thanks!

    dear mr serpentza

    please do smile more naturally and show more expressions. your eyes are dead and you look like a psychopath. i am sorry but i only mean good.

    keep up the good work

    If u don't like them, you can refuse everything, or negotiate, compare their salary, that's not cheap they gave to you. And don't fxxking forget you make video from them, which earn money from them.

    Is this still the current case? I’m an IP lawyer in Australia and the current message is to keep encouraging innovators to explore China as an export market. Many government and industry bodies take hoards of Australian start up businesses to China to seek investment partners. I’m concerned they’re losing their IP and not realising.
    That case is amazing. They should consider registering their designs if possible.

    There is so much I love about the Chinese people, since I was a kid in the 60's.
    Thank you for your videos and "personality".
    Stay Awesome. 🙂

    great video ….I'm from Canada and I dropship everything . Nice to meet you all . Let's make some money. Stay awesome !

    Another word in chinese 厚脸皮 which mean thick skin. Translate to no shame of what they expect for no pay. China is really good at it.

    Hey, I want a bubble gun – my dogs would love it! So their English was quite good, especially the designer of the luggage.

    Dont the corporate try to cheat them and us. Why shouldnt they cheat back. This is the problem and standards of white minds. We'll go to China, produce it for dirt cheap…

    1) Many companies have copied other companies, Facebook ripped many of their ideas from MySpace,
    2) Because a person can buy anything on the internet from anywhere in the world to get people to spend money you will have to find a way to get people into a shop especially when a person can go on line and buy exactly the same thing preferably cheaper.

    bruh hat off to you for this video,watched many and this is my first comment on one of your videos. But the way you delt with the situation and people was just awesome. Stay awesome

    Xiaoqi = small breath.
    Meaning someone that doesn't like to waste time talking or socializing. These people also don't have a sense of humor.

    So a lot of Chinese prosperity has come from IP theft…. I've heard about it but I didnt realize how massive it is. That smiling Chinese lady salesman was really cute, had a wonderful smile.

    You should start a Chinese product review channel were you just fine small local people with interesting products and review them. I really enjoyed this video.

    Also if you guys want to check them out they are on Amazon now and no longer have a website I can see. search Amazon for 90Fun they have some other bags and stuff.

    The Chinese guy has been speaking English since he was about eight years old. He probably went to an American school near Hong Kong

    Let's list Chinese inventions. #1 using leaves for toilet paper. #2 binding shoes. #3 Chinese water torture. # 3 Chinese finger locks. #4 Gutter oil #4 Chinese food. #5 human trafficking. #6 Stick books. #7 portaying budddah as a fat pig. #8 Stealing proprietary rights. #9 opium dens. #10 toxic chemicals in consumer products. They did win five Nobel prizes, but they stole the inelectual property of another scientists and got to the patent office first.

    I actually own a luggage case from 90fun. Learned about them from their affiliation with Xiaomi. It was quite a unique zipper-less one so it make me feel secured about my personal stuffs inside there. Very impressed with the quality and design, it has a metal alloy casing so it was heavier than fabric luggage case.

    1. She watched youtube videos?
    2. They guy (a chinese person) allegedly designed the suitcase himself.
    3. He speaks really good english.

    Winston, you sure you were actually in China? 😉

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