CDN Live Streaming Review – DaCast, Twitch, TikiLive, StreamSpot, UStream, Meridix, Wowza

CDN Live Streaming Review – DaCast, Twitch, TikiLive, StreamSpot, UStream, Meridix, Wowza

Hello everyone, my name is Paul Richards and
I’m the director of business development here at PTZOptics I’m joined with Jonathan Vineyard
Hello Jonathan is our web development leader and he also participates in our live streams
from time to time. Today Jon has been helping me with setting up a live stream what we’ve
done is we’ve live streamed with Twitch, YouTube Live, UStream, Wowza, Meridix, DaCast, Tiki
Live, and Stream Spot and what we’re going to do is we took screen shots we’re comparing
pricing, we’re comparing our overall experiences, we’re just really briefly going to talk about
first impressions of everybody, what we thought, and that we’re going to have everything available
on our blog to be available. Right now we’re streaming via vMix and we’re streaming to
YouTube Live which is kind of our normal live stream that we do weekly and we’ve found that
it’s extremely reliable, it does the automatic bits scaling for taking a 1080p stream and
making it available at different bit rates for people who don’t have high bandwidth and
they get great distriubtion. So YouTube Live is awesome, but we’re not going too talk to
much about that. Let’s talk about the ones that we did really like and our experiences,
so first of all we started off with DaCast, and one of the things we really liked about
DaCast was the fact that we could very easily monitize our live streams. They make is easy
to take a live event and you need your viewers to be paying for that live event DaCast is
set up and ready to go for that and so were very few others, but we thought that was really
nice. vMix integrates with it directly so you can just log in through vMix into your
DaCast and just start streaming, we thought that was really nice. I saw on the live stream
from vMix that use DaCast some really cool stuff going on there, I like how you can have
a custom page and really restrict what users do with it, can they embed your page, can
they not embed your page. And then when you get your DaCast log in you’re not seeing a
bunch of other peoples YouTube videos, they’re seeing all yours, it’s a nice customize curated
experience. StreamSpot we really liked because it had, it was really easy to use and it had
on demand feature that was really nice. So basically once all your videos are up there
and available it’s kind of integrated with the live streaming experience so you’ve got
a whole on demand side which we thought was cool. It’s customized it’s a little bit nicer
than YouTube Live because YouTube Live you’re going to get a whole bunch of the worlds live
streaming stuff, whereas StreamSpot they’re going to customize it for you, also it has
vMix integration. TikiLive, was incredible. TikiLive was fantastic. We could not believe
how cool it was, with one button they will create you a word press site that already
has all the plug ins that integrate with TikiLive including your calendar, your schedule, and
everything so if you’re really trying to create a television show maybe multiple shows, run
your own TV station, TikiLive does it and it presents itsself in a way that it’s almost
like on demand where you’re looking at all the channels that are available, what’s available
at 7 o’clock, 8 o’clock, 9 o’clock, you can plan out your day. and it was just really
cool. There was so much stuff in TikiLive honestly to me it looked like the most comprehensive.
And we just used a basic free account, we didn’t make any payments, everything was just
there. Everything was there and I’m assuming to get some of the advanced features we would
have to pay obviously. Also what’s interesting is not only did they live stream with video,
they have a radio section which I thought was kinda cool. I was blown away by the one
click word press. You literally click a button, created us our own Word Press site, already
integrated and ready to go for TikiLive. That was insane, there was a ton of stuff in TikiLive.
They look like they also have the most integrations next to maybe Wowza, with third party software,
streaming services, and even some hardware. There was at least 15 just on the first page,
we took pictures of everything. Jon’s going to be doing a right up on the whole thing,
it’s going to be available on our blog. So that’s going to be cool, The next one we did
was UStream and some of the unique features we had there was UStream was extremely powerful
as well. We liked the interface, it looked great. It was one of the first ones where
we looked at and it had built in broadcasting service.So we have to remember that not everyone
has vMix, not everybody has an advanced live streaming software, and some people might
just want to broadcast their webcam, with their built in microphone with their laptop
for example. So it had a really easy way to do that. That was almost all of these had
that feature I think. Yes. Some of them did, some of them didn’t, you’re going to have
to mark which ones did and which ones didn’t. That was really nice. Great analytic, and
the pricing, we’re going to have average pricing on our blog with this review, so I won’t say
exactly we have a somewhat expensive, but that could be due to what they’re offering.
We checked out Meridix. And Meridix if I’m saying that correctly, is really based on
sparts. It’s a customized experience, whether its football, baseball, lacrosse, ultimate
Frisbee. They have pre built and ready to go specifically for sports. That was really
good, I thought it was a little cloogy, what did you think about it. I liked it, but I
kind of lost were I was at at one point. So maybe if you used it enough it would probably
feel more intuitive, it wasn’t like overly complicated, it just wasn’t setup like everyone
else, which isn’t a bad thing. It looks like it’s great for sports. It has your team, their
team, you can put the score up, upload images, with just two clicks. If you’re just getting
into this stuff it looks very simpilified. If you need ot live stream sports it might
be actually perfect. We looked at Wowza. Wowza is known, and regarded in this industry as one of the best. We obviously know that Wowza is one of the best, one of the things that I saw in Wowza
which I didn’t really see anywhere else was the distribution of servers around the world,
I think there was like 9 or 12, there was around 12 3 in America itself on each end
and in the middle. Which is rare, and there was all kinda of others, Europe, Asia, Australia,
you could actually choose where you want your servers to be located for that live stream.
Where is your audience, I thought that was really cool. It was very cimplistic, you can
tell that Wowza has been in the industry for a long time. You can just tell. they have
everything setup properly it was very straight forward. All the things that you would expect
in there. Do you want us to set up a home page for your live stream, do you want us
to overlay your logo, do you want to count down beforethe thing. all the things are customizable
and Wowza is just, you know, we’ve used it, it’s a great service, nothing but good things
to say about Wowza. Twtich is mainly for gaming. It’s really for live streaming for gamers
that’s a great thing if you’re a gamer. We’re going to actually live stream some games to
Twitch, and see what it’s like, it should be very easy and straight forward. It is,
I’ve used it in the past. Is it completely free or is there a paid version? You can go
Turbo which gets you better access to things, but you can use it all for free. That’s what
I thought. It’s kind of like YouTube Live, where it’s like mainly free but there are,
well actually YouTube doesn’t even have a paid option. Oh wow. Yeah it’s just completely
free. And finally We’re going to talk about YouTube Live. The reason we use YouTube Live
almost extensively is of course; it’s free. So we’re getting into this stuff and we wanted
to use something that’s free obviously to get started. But it’s also completely integrated
with our YouTube channel, and our YouTube channel is where store all our videos and
that’s not going to change. Google kind of owns that space. So for us it was easy integration.
Now there are so many benefits to all these live streaming solutions I don’t think that
the market is over populated, or over saturated as people say. I think there all of these
have a place in the market. And they’re going to specialize and they’re going to provide
great service at a great price for people that need to do live streaming. So check out
our blog it’s Give Jonathan a couple days to write this up, but he’s going
to have a great write up on a summary of each, the pricing, the unique features, and all
the screen shots so that you don’t have to look at all 8 of these CDNs you can take a
look at these and figure out which one’s best for you. And hopefully we can save you some
time via research. So thank you for watching and enjoy you day. That concludes our live


    Really wish the blog (that's referred to) had a link here. The main is really hard to find stuff.

    nice job and thank you. Thought you could have improved graphics by putting them on bottom 3rd instead of over you guest host. But overall very professional information.

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