Caso de éxito Google AdWords – Cuidame Mucho

Caso de éxito Google AdWords – Cuidame Mucho

I am María Moyal, Director of Cuidame Mucho. I am Claudia Griffa, Director of Cuidame Mucho, consultant in charge of the recruitment of professional babysitters. Our selection process includes, in the first place, an interview with the parents in order to define the search criteria. Our methodology has each family’s particular needs as the number one priority. At first, the word of mouth worked just fine. But we soon realized that it was not going to do it for us. Right at that moment, a friend told us about the possibility of advertising on Google. We set off without much experience regarding the Internet, but it turned out to be very simple. Managing our own advertising with Google AdWords is very easy. This is a tool for common people. With the assistance of the Google Help Center we are able to create and manage our own campaigns, and follow up our budget with just one click, seeing on which sites we appear. We started with a small investment of U$S45. After the first three months, we have doubled our income and we swiftly started receiving more moms and dads. As we observed better results, we increased our investment. Currently 80% of the people that contact us finds us through the Internet, and 75% of them do so via AdWords. The best performance derives from people entering the keywords “Agencias de Niñeras” (babysitter agencies) in their search page. From every 100 people viewing our ads, 23 click on it. For each keyword, such as babysitter or nanny, we pay $ 0.35 per click. But the average cost per click has been $ 0.20 for the past 12 months. During the last 12 months, our ads appeared on more than 1,700 different sites within the Google Display Network. Once we launched the campaign, and even though our goal was to generate new clients, we realized that Google AdWords was helping us in a different way… in ways we would have never thought of. Thanks to our campaign, we are being contacted by journalists of the most important media in our Country. We were interviewed in radio, TV, and we were even invited as guests to the Mirtha Legrand TV show. We became a benchmark in the market without even realizing. Entrepreneurs from all over the world are contacting us. Some have offered us to establish a franchise in the Argentine provinces. Even professionals from different fields have expressed their wish to join us in our endeavor. All of this in only three years. And, to tell you the truth, none of this would have been possible without Google AdWords. [Do just like Cuidame Mucho – Niñeras Profesionales did, make your business grow with Google AdWords. []


    A mi me bloquearon la cuenta a 4 días de activarla… por clics inválidos… lo mas loco… es que Google Analytics dice 0 clics… y puedo dar fe de eso porque estaba dando los últimos retoques a la Pagina y cuando ya estaba por terminarla me Deshabilitan la cuenta y hasta el dia de hoy no me quieren habilitar la cuenta y no infringí nunca norma o política.

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