Can We Chill with the Streaming Services?

Can We Chill with the Streaming Services?

-I’ve been hosting this show
for a while now. But can I tell you, it is still
so exciting to be on NBC. I mean, some of you probably
know that before I was on NBC, people watched me on YouTube. But now that I’m on NBC,
people watch me on YouTube. [ Laughter ] Recently, NBC announced their new streaming service
called Peacock. Now, I’m part of the NBC family,
but I gotta say, Peacock is an insane name
for a streaming service. I mean, I guess
it’s a good thing they didn’t call it Pea-gina
or Pea-vulva. Okay? A word I actually haven’t
been able to say on my show. Yeah. Mm-hmm. No, they went
with Peacock, yeah. You know, I wonder what it would
take for me to get bleeped. Let’s try it. Peacock. Okay. Pea-cock. [ Laughter ] Pea… [Bleep] Oh, there it is — [Bleep]
Okay, we get it! Look, I don’t blame NBC for wanting to get in
on the streaming game, okay? But, y’all, there are too many
streaming services. Am I right? -Yes.
-Like, these services — All like a class, “Yes.” [ Laughter ] These services are
kind of like religions. You know, everyone
has their favorite, it makes us feel alive, and it’s how we waste
our Sundays. [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] Like, Netflix was like
a religion to me, but I miss the old Netflix in the same way
I miss the old Kanye. You know, when they both
had good shows. [ Laughter ] And now I just swipe through
pictures of movies on Netflix for a year until there’s a new
season of “Stranger Things.” [ Laughter ] It feels like Netflix
is trying to be all the streaming services
in one. It’s like the time I thought
I could host a late-night show, keep updating my YouTube
channel, and have a life. Yeah. Just like Netflix, you’re
watching a mental breakdown. [ Laughter ] But Netflix has made some
interesting deals, though. I mean, they’re making shows
with the Obamas. Whoa, okay, Netflix.
You just gonna give the Obamas a multimillion-dollar deal
to create their own shows? Most people
have to take classes, work their way up
from the bottom, write dozens of scripts
that never get made. All this guy had to do was
be the first black president. [ Laughter ] Not to mention,
he’s always bringing up how he’s the first
black president. I’m like, get some new material! Come on. Sincerely, the only South Asian
female late-night host. [ Cheers and applause ] “Why do you keep
bringing that up? Oh, my God!” I’m just kidding,
Michelle and Barry, okay? You know I’m gonna watch
your boring documentaries. But there are just
so many shows. I feel like all you need to get
a show on Netflix these days is the word “Extreme” and then
literally any other word. Just, like, “Extreme florists! These florists will blow
your petals away!” [ Imitating explosions ] And it feels like these services
are popping up everywhere. People are like,
“Yo, have you seen that brand-new competition
makeover reality show on Gasser?”
Yeah, it’s the streamer on the little TVs
on gas station pumps. Yeah, it’s not a good show, but if you’re inhaling enough
gas fumes, you know, it’s decent. I mean, even Tinder recently announced their plans
for a new service, which, I guess if you think
about it, actually makes sense. Scrolling through all the shows
on a streaming platform is kind of like
being on a dating app. You know, like,
I’m not really interested in any of you on here. I’m just lonely. [ Laughter ] Now, YouTube,
which has been free for decades, tried to do a subscription
version called YouTube Red. It’s gone out of business because there’s already
a website name Redtube with a way different version
of cat videos. [ Laughter ] We’re also straight-up running
out of names at this point. Like, check this out.
Hulu, Quibi, Fubo, Philo. Like, every name sounds like someone in a heist movie had to
give a fake name under pressure. It’s like, “Hey, sir,
what did you say your name was?” “Uh, Quibi. Quibi Peacock Plus.” Seriously, though,
what kind of name is Quibi? Quibi sounds like
a Pokemon, okay? Just like — “Quibi! Quibi!”
[ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] Oh, God. Also, am I the only one
alarmed by the term “binging?” Like, a binge used to mean snorting as much cocaine
as possible before your heart stopped. Okay? And now binging just means mindlessly watching
entire seasons of “The Great British Bake Off.” There are so many streamers
and so many shows that you think
that there’s gotta be something for everyone
out there. Right? Here’s the thing. Whenever I pitch a show about
a woman immigrating from India, I’m told it’s not relatable.
You know? Even though there are millions
of people in North America under those exact circumstances.
[ Laughter ] Maybe one day I’ll come up with something as relatable
as “Blown Away” — you know, America’s favorite
show about glass blowers. [ Laughter ] But ultimately, having too many
of these services, it isn’t all bad.
I mean, think about it. An algorithm tracking everything
you’ve ever watched probably knows you better
than your own mom. Right? Like, the other day, I sat down
to watch “Hocus Pocus,” and Netflix was like, “How about
you watch ‘Hocus Pocus’ again?” And I was like, “You damn right,
Netflix! I will!” It’s a great movie!
You all do it, too!


    She's not too good…but I feel like she has a better connection with her laugh track audience than the other hosts.

    Right I love the fact that a YouTuber got on real TV but

    OMG Lilly please stop
    -90% of this comment section says your not funny
    -we know your a woman of colour with a show, we congratulate you for that but stop reminding us because surprisingly we have attention spans

    Two words

    Hasan Minhaj

    Damn I love that man

    You all don't get it. They're trying to force you into thinking women of color are funny and no one else. They want to erase white people and men entirely.

    Funny how the only comments claiming she isnt funny is all from guys, most of whom are white 😅 good job guys! Your so edgy! 😭😂😂😂

    “He’s only ever bringing up how he’s the first black president.” And you also always say how you are a bisexual woman of color who’s oppressed in every sentence and now kinda a hypocrite, I’m not trying to be mean because I used to love Lilly but now she’s kinda racist.

    The amount of negative comments makes me think y’all don’t really wanna her to go away. If you did, you wouldn’t have clicked the video to get her more views. Don’t like it? Go away. Pretty simple

    Lilly, if you can read this. Take your show over and save it before NBC tries to cancel it! Just put your touch on it and dont care if ratings go down for a second, because trust me, if you be yourself, the true Lilly we grew up with, then your ratings will start rising again

    You miss the old Netflix?…..I miss the old late night talk shows…you know the ones that were actually funny?

    Hey Lily. Maybe instead of virtue signaling the entire universe to show how woke you are, how about writing one freakin joke that someone (other than the "outraged" SJW population) might actually find remotely funny..

    People need to calm the hell down. If y’all don’t like her show, then get TF out and watch something that makes you laugh. Geez let the girl be

    There is so many hate comments….Just so you know, youtube sees likes and dislikes as the same thing. Also, Fuck these haters because lilly is amazing!

    I saw her once in a skit with Ryan Higa around 5-6 years ago? Now I understand why I have not really taken quite a liking on her since then.

    You guys are fucking terrible. What kind of human beings are you? Lily is doing a great job. So, shut your piece of shit mouth or stop watching!

    I'm trying to give Lily a chance bc I wasn't familiar with her. I keep falling asleep so I watch her YT clips, which seems meta weird.🤔

    it's so entertaining to watch her entertain herself and no one else. It's like watching someone talk in front of their mirror. hehehehe.

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