Buying Every Advertisement I See | $1000 CHALLENGE (NOT CLICKBAIT)

Buying Every Advertisement I See | $1000 CHALLENGE (NOT CLICKBAIT)

So basically what we’re going to be doing today is buying every advertisement we see Hey, what’s up ladies and gentlemen? It’s your boy and welcome back to another video now before we even get started with this video Which I am very excited to film I dyad I have to give a huge shout out to the person who came up with this idea That’s my boy Danocracy if you guys want to see the orignal video be sure to check his link down below in the description This is honestly one of the coolest ideas I’ve ever seen on YouTube And I just had to give it a try so basically what we’re gonna be doing today is Buying every advertisement we see it’s pretty simple There’s not too much that I have to explain you guys may not believe me, but I’m dead-ass gonna buy Everything I see I’m gonna start on Instagram Twitter move my way to Facebook go on all different kinds of platforms and just whatever Advertisement I see that prompts me to buy an object it has to be an object like something that I can actually Tangibly hold with my hands. I’m gonna buy it and I have a budget of $1,000 so please guys smash the like button help your boy out I’m spending a lot of money on this video, and hopefully you guys enjoy it to be honest. This is also Just kind of like a really cool experiment to try so I’m down now I know it’s a lot of money, but sometimes you gotta spend money in order to make cool content You know I’ve done this before I spent like two grand when we did the Tim Hortons video, and you guys absolutely loved it So it hurts my bank account, but it makes you guys smile So you know you just got to do what you got to do now before we get started I have a feeling that I’m gonna really enjoy filming this video so I’m gonna let you guys know now if you want to see a part two to this where I spend even more money and Get even more crazy stuff be sure to smash the thumbs up button if we can get over like 30,000 likes on this video, I will seriously consider doing a part 2 where we go off I’m talking like maybe time grab Maybe I will buy every advertisement I find up until 10 Grand so I can only imagine the type of stuff that we’re gonna get and I’m also gonna do a video when all of the Products come in so we can see them We can try them out and see if it was worth all the money we spent today, but without any further ado guys Let’s get started with the video Let’s see what advertisements we have okay guys so I got my Instagram app open right now alright So what do we have what do we have? Okay, we have our very first ad okay, so this is like a this is like a travel map of some time But it’s like a scratch off so you can scratch off the places you’ve been But this actually looks really cool like I’m tying it down I feel like I might even hopefully my girlfriend doesn’t watch this cuz this would be a pretty sweet Christmas gift I think she would be down with it. Oh, it’s on sale Let’s go fifty-one bucks alright guys, so as you can see here first product has been purchased I’m actually pretty H about this cuz I will use this or I might actually get this as a Christmas gift for someone so that’s one item down I think it was fifty one dollars if my memory serves me correctly at 29 or 30 British pounds But let’s keep going to see what else we can find on here. Hopefully It’s not just all like coolest travel stuff that I would actually buy I want to get some weird stuff today Okay, I think we found the first thing that I really don’t want Wi-Fi plus portable ultra bright projector 75% off made in Germany, okay? We are also gonna put a limit before I even click on this on how expensive something is if something is like ridiculously expensive I’m gonna say let’s say $200 or more I think that’s what Dan or Chrissy did with his so I’m just gonna follow with his rules, so let’s see how much this Projector is one hundred and twenty seven dollars, so it is within our budget incredibly bright and ultra portable projector Uh, I really don’t want this. We don’t really have a choice though guys We’re gonna buy this portable projector And we’ll test it out when it comes in apparently there’s only 15 in stock all right guys so The purchase has just gone through you boy. Just ordered myself a goddamn projector two purchases down moving on to the next one We are at 151 that’s dollars so far both of the things have free shipping, so that’s pretty good. Oh God god god no No, I got them Harry Potter music box all right. Please be cheap. Please be cheap like 20 bucks 20 bucks Okay, 25 bucks not one buy one get one 50% off. Hell. No I don’t you want one all right another purchase down that was $25 so we are now at one hundred and Seventy-six dollars be sure to follow your boy on instagram right there go hit that follow button and go go comment on my last picture comment flame emojis on that last picture And I’m gonna be following a bunch of guys from this video ok back back to our experiment Oh ok I’ve seen this before This is the magic mug charlie actually did a full video on this and they have unbox therapy in it So you know they’re supporting youtubers. I’m not too cheesed about that all right. We’re gonna We’re gonna go at the black chrome keep it simple what Oh guys guys card got declined We haven’t even cracked a 200 dollar barrier, and I’m gonna have to call my credit card company and tell him yeah I’m doing a video take it easy. Let me go off on my credit card for a little bit. Thank you for your patience He’s knows the current average wait time is less than Hi so my card got declined and I think it’s because I was making a bunch of random purchases Amazing okay guys I remembered what it was that I was trying to buy was that like never spill Cup And I found it again. I went back to the site I tried to buy it and saying my card was declined again. You just heard me on the phone with the bank They said I was good to go, so I don’t know what’s going on with this wish attic site I’m gonna move on and try and come back later But I’m also trying to just go on to another site and try and buy something to see if my card works because I don’t Know if my cards not working or maybe the site’s on. I don’t know what’s going on guys a few moments later Okay, guys. I just scrolled through Twitter for like 10 minutes The only ads that I’ve seen I wouldn’t really classify as ads because it’s just someone I’m following promoting shoes And they’re all over $200 so we can’t buy any of those so Twitter’s all Instagram we had some good success so maybe we’ll move over to Instagrams owner or Facebook and see what we can find on there There’s a lot of ads on the right side but a lot of it. I’m just gonna focus on the big ones in the middle Oh Okay here we go we got ourselves another add too much dongles on your MacBook Pro You will need this then worldwide free shipping one at a time order here. Oh, it’s something like attachment for your MacBook I’m just gonna click on it. Okay, $80 Thunderbolt 3 USB C hub for MacBook Pro. Oh my god This actually looks lik yo, I’m aged. We finally got something you want okay Add to Cart it’s 80 bucks So it’s pretty pricey But not bought not bought so we’ve added Another item to our list so this is the Thunderbolt 3 USB see whatever This is I actually think I might use this so that’s always a bonus I’m gonna go back and try and get that unsalable Cup as well So I’m actually just gonna do it on my computer because I’m pretty sure I can just pull it up alright guys we went back We got our wish addict never spill thing done as well and that brings us to a total of three hundred and fifty-two dollars and 64 cents what the hell is this oh it’s some type of a rap that you use for your what the hell a Natural better way to preserve your food say goodbye to plastic wrap Okay, so that’s another $20 and 34 cents so that is gonna bring our totals to 372 dollars and 98 cents we still Have a lot more shockwave you guys I feel like this is gonna be Such a long video cuz I I need more stuff man. We need some bigger objects okay back to Facebook Let’s see what we can find. Okay. We found some watches This is kind of cool some all-black watches alright guys so the advertisement we saw had all black watches if you go back there So I’m gonna go with an all-black one this has a little red accent, but I like the look of it Okay One more item added to the list one hundred seventy four dollars and 41 cents and that brings us to four hundred and eighty dollars And thirty nine cents, so we’re pretty much at the halfway point I’m getting a little lonely though so I’m gonna go get one of the guys, and they can just sit in here and watch me spend my money foolishly and Yeah, all right guys so we got Bongo here with me, so now. I’m giving it up to you you take control of the mouse And is I was kind of hoping it would be over 200 bucks This is kind of a waste of beans. This is a waste of $100. I know this like an 995 Oh my gosh sure he’s even going to like ship to Canada in time or like what’s going on I’m gonna get this in after Christmas. Do you 100%? What no no no don’t tell me they’re declaring my card again. I already told you guys Well, this isn’t a trusted safe. I’m telling you all right guys. We just got declined again now I don’t know if it’s because this is a sketchy site because it kinda is or if it’s just my cards getting declined again because I’m buying a bunch of random shit, and you’re a broke boy whoa Tired of traditional headphones these are so ugly. Yeah, okay, see but not not buy don’t worry. Okay. I’m gonna try it We’ll see what happens. I don’t know if it’s gonna get declined again in which case I gotta call the bank again Okay, guys. I’m not showing you the screen again, but it just got declined again, Bonnie What do you say? I thought we talked about this I gotta call them back guys. It’s getting dark. It’s getting late I thought this was gonna be an easy video to film But this is proving much more challenging than I thought I just want to spend $1,000 It’s like what why is this hard. You don’t want to spend that kind of money, bro We don’t want you’re trying to save me well. I’m not trying to save you money. They’re like yo, you don’t need these useless products My gosh. It’s been like an hour and a half I managed to get my credit card company back on the phone to again allowing my credit card to be used I think I’m good to go again We’ve got two purchases that we lined up with Bongo, so I’m gonna go back and try and find those I think one was a drone and one was some headphone thing. I don’t even remember I’m gonna try and find them okay guys. We got our Brooklyn Depot Juan done That was those weird headphones that Bongo was joking dr. Okafor II would love to go see if I can find that drone too was this it okay, yeah Yeah, okay, I found the drone this is it we’re gonna buy this okay. We got our drone tacked on to everything’s confirmed Okay, guys. I calculated our total. We’re at 600 eighty-five dollars and 25 cents right now No, no no already another ad what is this some type of LED light bulb no no no what? Give five percent off your next purchase. Yeah, sure all right. We saved the dollar twenty four great. Oh Another big fat waste of money ha ha ha that lamp was 37 dollars and 97 cents which brings our total to seven hundred and twenty three dollars and 22 cents We’re almost there almost three quarters there Back to face book the nice guy okay when Dan ah Chrissy did it he got this – it? Actually looks really really cool create a custom star Matt. When was your special occasion? Oh? This is a great gift for baby boy. I can’t remember I’m pretty sure my anniversary is January 19th better idea. I know the day we met Birthday, we first kind of met I got a nice gift out of the way all in this I can actually give this very she’ll be a shove this what should I what should I say you say life changed, ooh Purchase processing, please don’t feel ass get it. I’m grat 783 dollars and 22 cents Oh What is that do you like this phone Stan oh You want sure Getting two sets we’re getting one for Bongo yo Merry Christmas, bro. Thanks, bro. You’re welcome. All right there we go That’s another purchase 41 94 and that brings us over $800 – 825 dollars and sixteen cents all right what’s next? What’s next what’s next come on come on Give me something like kind of lit and big pockets for this side up no no For 50 bucks all right, that’s another 50 196 added to our total eight hundred seventy seven dollars and twelve cents. We’re almost there guys oh no no What hooded blankets? This is the most hippie thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life. All right We’re gonna do it for the optical illusion guys Sam. I’m stressed $20 shipping another 7495 added to our total. We got ourselves a nice checkered hooded blanket We are at 900 fifty-two dollars and seven cents Which means we probably have one item left a few moments later a duffel bag Well kind of zut falldown duffel bag. Is this honestly it kind of looks nob on our bottom How much is it 68 bucks? This is gonna be our last purchase of the day we now have our garment that instantly turns into a duffel bag Alright guys so our final total comes out to one thousand twenty six dollars and ninety one cents So we just went a little bit over our $1,000 mark alright guys so that 1020 some odd dollars managed to actually get us a pretty crazy list of items I’m excited to have these all come in so I can actually try them myself And hopefully feel like I didn’t waste my money that badly, but nonetheless this was a really cool experiment So I’m gonna go through everything we got quickly we got the scratch map at the beginning We got the portable projector we got the wooden Harry Potter music box Probably the thing I’m least excited about We got the USB C hub for my macbook actually probably gonna be the most useful thing I got the food rap starter pack a watch a grab and snap drone whatever that means bone conduction Wireless stereo headset an LED flame lamp the night sky poster for Olivia, which is gonna be a little gift So hopefully she doesn’t watch this video, too Smart sticky stands one for me, and what is a Christmas present for Bongo even though? He knows
It’s coming a pocket organizer for my car a hooded chequered blanket and last but not least Some crazy weird fold the up e duffel bag things smash alike But if you guys want to see a sequel to this where I buy ads from one specific spot Maybe I could do it where I just watch TV and only get ads off there Or I could do it with the hell of a lot more money So if you guys want to see that smash the thumbs up on the show I get over 20,000 likes on this video as always thank you guys so much for watching, and I will catch you next time to dos


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    I may have to re evaluate my life 🧐 lol

    Ya know that the ads that pop up in those social networks are actually influenced by your recent visits to web shops or/and by whatever you say outloud in the presence of your device (when on-line)

    Thank you for citing Danocracy as the source of the idea as of course you are using the exact same title as he did xD

    it does not hurt your bank account at all per 1000 vieuws lets say 1 dollar is 1100 dollars you made on this vid..

    That one bit of hair dangling out from the rest on his forehead triggers my ocd so much throughout the entire intro

    Well, you can make like 3am challenges, slime challenges, it does not have to be about money what about those magic tricks cutting a lime with a straw this is just for some ideas btw 😀

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    Spend $500 rescuing pets from your local animal shelter and then keep spending $500 taking care of them.

    Spend $1000 on wish jackets/blankets and pass them out to the homeless/less fortunate

    You spend all this money on crap that in many cases YOU can't even use but, you could put that money to actual use, help people/animals and add a level of righteousness to your channel.

    hope you make loads of money doing these youtube vids or else your be broke soon lol. But i do love your videos and the drones are always funny i may get one need to save first though . look after yours self

    It's possible that the block was placed back on the card, it's a computer system that places the blocks, even tho it can be manually removed it can go right back on 😉
    -fraud specialist

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    Whenever I watch your vids. I always like the vids, because you are spending much ahah. And I never skip ads 😇😉

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