Buy These 3 Stocks & NEVER Sell Them!

Buy These 3 Stocks & NEVER Sell Them!


    Thanks for sharing Ryan! I also own those 3 stocks, it's awesome to see how much they've grown! 💵💵

    At the end of the day, the thing that separates success in the market is starting the journey. It's true buying at an all time high can be counter intuitive but it gets you in the game. Also, there are no guarantees that a stock will ever go down from an all time high, progression is possible. Take a portion of money and invest in tranches. I usually do 3, maybe 4. This allows you the flexibility to average in and establish a good cost basis. Also, it just gets your started.

    Nothing like adding good, high quality stocks to your portfolio! I always try to add stocks that I don't have to worry about ever selling. I know in theory that works, but isnt always the case. Nonetheless, I enjoy the low stress environment of my portfolio, and the general upwards appreciation!

    If you’re going to hold stocks for decades it doesn’t really matter at all if you buy them at all time highs or when they are on “sale”. In 30 years from now if you still own it, your only talking about dollars and cents at that point. Just buy good companies consistently when they are high and low and never sell.

    Good obvious selections but owning 3 big positions all competing in the same sector and industry.. it’s risky that’s all I’m gonna say. But with risk comes big potential returns so good luck

    Load up on Google! Buy and hold forever-Google is sitting on over $120 billion in cash and growing. Every second that passes they are making money. Along with the growth of youtube and the internet in general the company earnings are still growing at 20% annually!

    Some great companies. One of the best decisions I ever made was to start investing over 25 years ago (even though some relatives were telling me not to). Buy quality at a decent price. Your future self will thank you.

    Respectfully your reasoning for holding Amazon stock for life is not your best video. But I agree with you Amazon is Amazing stock.

    I'd hold Visa, Waste Management and Disney because tech changes too quickly to say whether AMZN AAPL GOOG will stay on top. Yet again, i still own all three lol

    Honestly ever since you got me into M1 Finance and having the ability to buy partial shares of some of these big names it been awesome. Being able to invest in these large cap companies without forking over thousands for a single share is a bit of a game changer.

    I bought Amazon at $700 and sold at $1800, bought Google at $910 sold at $1280. Put the money straight into voo when it was at $217 back in December and I'm still holding. I bought apple shares when it was $97 and I'm still holding it in my dividend portfolio. Lol I got lucky

    1. Tesla (lean into the future)
    2. Walmart (they are about the slaughter Amazon along with Microsoft)
    3. Google ( Cash/liquidity WILL be king again )

    At Amazon current level of profitability it would take them 74 years before they make the first real penny.

    Personally, I like coca cola long term. I'm prepping a video on a Big Short you should check it when it comes out. I've also got a new ANIME Intro for my finance channel.

    Ryan is an inspiration to all of us Youtube investing channels. He really teaches that slow and steady wins the race when it comes to stocks haha!

    I think it's fair to say that certain members of the Rothschild Family, have been even more successful at making money. The difference between Ryan and most other wealthy people, is morals, values, and ethics (principles). In a world of criminal bankers,politicians and financial elite, that makes him arguably the most trustworthy businessman
    in history. The lesson with the slot machine was: "Don't gamble" because the odds are
    always against you.

    My friend bought Apple stocks so early on and sold them at 3x. We calculated recently… if he would’ve held until now, they would be worth $110 million 😱

    I started to Work for a utility in the northeast a couple years ago. They offer a dividend re-investment program (drip account) which takes a set amount each week directly from my paycheck and purchases company stock (not a reduced rate unfortunately but fractional shares is a plus). 50 bucks a week for a couple years not to mention the actual growth of the stock was 52$ now 83$. One of the best decisions I’ve made in my 26 years of living

    Nice picks, I got a couple vids on my channel about stocks I would hold for life , not many tho. Should go check it out it you have time 👈🏼😌

    I whole heartily agree on Apple stock. I put all my chips in on Apple at $96-$97 a share back in 2015 after the split and although I don't own or use any of their products I know allot of sheep love and buy into their entire ecosystem and services. For that reason alone I decided to purchase a bunch of shares back then and glad I did as I have more than tripled my investments since and haven't sold any stock and instead will go long it. I'm waiting for another dip to purchase more. Great video 👍

    Can you make a video for teenagers like how to start an online small business and grow from anywhere in the world. I'm 17 living in a small country of Asia. Can even open bank or PayPal account. What should I do?

    … everyone, be careful entering the market($) at these levels. I'm not saying don't, just keep your eyes open.

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