Brian Newmark News Segment about Content Marketing vs. SEO

Brian Newmark News Segment about Content Marketing vs. SEO

In digital news today, Brian Newmark is making
waves by poking valid holes in the SEO industries methods. On Newmark’s blog
he wrote that content marketing is the “new SEO”. In a phone interview with him he said
it is SEO 2.0, he joked that while it is probably more like 3.0 or 4.0, SEO 2.0 sounds much
better. Newmark has a huge varied of clients all struggling
with the same issues. Google has made it so challenging to rank content on page one. He
has for the past several years been talking about the importance of quality content and
high quality links. With Googles Hummingbird and Panda 4 updates, his strategies have proven
correct. Newmark 1, SEO zero


    Brian Newmark as said before is a source of great information and useful information. Remember there is a difference knowing things, and knowing things that matter.

    Is it real? Oh Brian network is obviously helpful network and this video about SEO vs content marketing making my sense clear about internet marketing.

    Brian Newmark is useful to us for his nice work about Pay Per Click, Social Media Marketing, Online Reputation Management, Content Marketing and many others. So we will be help from from him.

    Superb news about SEO vs Content Marketing. Before watching this video I have no idea about that. But now I have come to understand that it is very useful for us. Thanks and keep it up and upload more video like this one. Cheers!

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    This video information is excellent some changes of Google updates. Briannewmark is only that provides content writing and high links are effective for SEO top rank of Search Engines. 

    It is important to get information about SEO vs Content Marketing because that are most useful and Brain Newmark have cleared it.

    Yes I do agree with this video. Because these days SEO helps the browser to get the site easily what they are searching for and even to the website holder to promote their business their information easily.

    Nice marketing news website. Brian Newmark is interviewed for a news segment about SEO vs Content Marketing. I like it for SEO.

    It is paramount to get data about SEO vs Content Marketing in light of the fact that that are most valuable and Brain Newmark have cleared it.

    I like the video. Brian Newmark has again shown that he is the best blogger on SEO and marketing. Thank's for the information.

    When it comes to marketing Brian Newmark is in a league of his own, this guy is knowledge all the way. Thanks for the great tips 

    The interview of the Brian Newmark and was giving information about the marketing.It is a very helpful vedio.Thanks for the vedio.

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