Bpm’online marketing demo video: multichannel marketing platform

Bpm’online marketing is a holistic a marketing
automation platform that ensures an ideal customer journey with out-of-the-box best
practice processes that deliver demand generation excellence.
Create a single database of contacts and build a 360-degree view of your potential customers.
Get to know them better, understand their preferences and build effective personalized
communications. Add target audiences to bulk emails or events
with the click of a mouse. Use quick filters and create dynamic folders for audience segmentation.
Easily generate leads and hand off only warm prospects to sales.
Identify the most promising channels by analyzing information about visitor behavior on your
sites and leads sources. Bpm’online marketing saves the history of
actions on your site and the channels through which leads are received. All data is available
for analysis in convenient dashboards. Make the most of your email communications
with bpm’online marketing! Use UTM codes to analyze conversions and track the entire
journey of visitors to your website. Analyze conversion rates with detailed statistics
and click heat maps. Create efficient multichannel campaigns with
bpm’online marketing. Plan campaigns with a simple campaign designer and define conditions
for transitioning between campaign stages. The system enables you to set target conversion
rates and offers tools to monitor campaign progress in real-time.
Build multichannel campaigns of various complexity, taking into account responses at each stage.
Intelligently nurture your leads until they become sales-ready and convert into new opportunities.
Bpm’online marketing provides best practice processes for efficient lead management.
Connect leads to relevant accounts and enrich data with insightful intelligence that can
be leveraged during sales follow up. Make sure your sales team focuses only on
qualified and sales-ready leads. Plan and manage your campaigns, promotions,
conferences, webinars and other off- and on-line activities with the bpm’online marketing
calendar. The system tracks dates and locations, segments target audiences, plans budgets assigns
teams, and track responses to keep your marketing activities synchronized, maintain a well-organized
plan and avoid overreach. Evaluate your marketing efficiency and optimize
marketing campaigns with bpm’online’s analytical tools. Analyze campaigns and conversions
rates and obtain a 360-degree campaign view to identify bottlenecks and target your efforts
towards the most relevant audiences, channels and approaches.
Bpm’online marketing – a holistic marketing automation platform that ensures an ideal
customer journey

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