Binge Watchers Stop Streaming TV For A Week

Binge Watchers Stop Streaming TV For A Week

– According to the Nielsen
Total Audience Report, in quarter one of 2017, the average American adult spent about 11 hours and 18 minutes a day consuming media content. This got me thinking. If we didn’t have such easy access to unlimited entertainment, what would we spend our time on– Oh, I burped! What would we spend our time on? Hobbies? Laundry? Building an indestructible empire? To answer this question, I have persuaded three of my
all-too-trusting co-workers to take the plunge and
stop streaming for a week. (mellow music) – There’s not a day I’d go
without watching Netflix. I watch it when I get ready. Immediately when I get
home or when I’m cooking. Like, in the background for white noise. Now that I’m talking about it, I realize that I may have a problem. – I literally stream things every second I’m on my bed or on my couch. I’ll drop by my house and watch. I’ll stream something for lunch. – [Sara] Wait. You go
home and stream things? – Yeah. – I definitely watch once a day, if not twice. Sometimes I let myself watch it while I put my makeup on in the mornings, but that’s a treat. – Murder documentaries. – The OA. Love Game of Thrones. Love Broad City. – Sex and the City. This is Us. – Girls on HBO. Insecure. – Right now I’m addicted
to Vampire Diaries again. Why? I don’t know. – So, I really wanna
deep clean my apartment, but I keep getting distracted. Reading is the biggest thing for me because I have a bookshelf of books that I have read like five pages of each. – [Sara] So, you said you really
liked The Handmaid’s Tale. – Yes. Oh, my god! – So, I got you some other
books by Margaret Atwood. – Oh, amazing! – And you also said
you wanted to organize. – I do. – So, I got you a drawer organizer. – Oh, that’s so cute! – I’ve always wanted to learn how to cook. Everyone around me
knows that I can’t cook. Also, my boyfriend loves boardgames. If I had a choice between
boardgames or streaming, I’d rather watch something. This might encourage us
to play more boardgames. – So, I got you a Game
of Thrones cookbook. – Ah, this is so nice. – And then, I also got you a boardgame. – This feels nicer than streaming. I’m getting presents. – I think one of the things I would do is definitely work out more because I have gym in my apartment and I haven’t even been in it to see it. – [Sara] Okay, so first I have a book, ‘cuz you said you love the ocean and this seemed like a really good book. You did say you wanna exercise more, so I got you a kit to exercise at home. – Although I do have
a gym at my apartment, I am shy to go workout in front of people. So, cool. (mellow music) No. – That’s a great idea. – Ah! – I’m excited now. (dramatic boom) Just informed my sister I’m doing this no-streaming thing and she wanted to watch
English TV while we eat and she’s not too pleased. – (beep) stupid. – Life outside of Netflix– Real life is hard, okay? Not only do I have to fill
this up half way today with the foot pump, I have to wait 24 hours
to continue to fill it up. – I’m standing in front of my TV. I just got home and I’m gonna unplug my Chromecast, which helps me stream things from my computer and phone. Unplugging the Chromecast. – My boyfriend really wanted to watch TV, so he is while I’m not facing it and facing the window. Literally just sitting here. (dramatic music) – So, Maya told me that
she streamed an episode of the Vampire Diaries last night and that’s against the rules, I’m afraid. – Oh, no. – How dare– How could you? – Before I started this, I was watching the last
episode before the end of the entire series and I couldn’t stop. – You couldn’t wait? So, I do have to tell you a
spoiler from Jane the Virgin. – Okay.
– In season three, episode ten from Jane the Virgin (beep) – What? Wait. I’m gonna cry. But I’m done with Netflix. I’ve learned my lesson.
– You learned your lesson? – That was the most, like, ugh! – And I also found out that Kane watched Game of Thrones. To be fair, it was the Game
of Thrones season premiere. So, maybe I was a little
harsh in expecting him to not watch that. Well, well, well. Look what we have here. – I did so well and then– – [Sara] Did you do well? I don’t know. – I experienced life on a new level and then, Game of Thrones came out and I was just having so much FOMO. – [Sara] We’re gonna
give you a spoiler from How to Get Away with Murder. I have not seen this show, so this means nothing to mean. There’s a character
named Wes on this show. – Uh huh. – Apparently (beep) – No, you’re lying! – [Sara] That was it. – That was very sad. – So, I’ve just worked
out like a crazy person at this insane bootcamp thing and usually I’d come home and just be like chill
and watch TV and I can’t, so I’m doing a puzzle like an 80 year old. – [Maya] Look at her go. I filled it up and it came
with this little thing. But, I think we’re gonna
use this in the pool. All right, we’re about to
work out with this thing. – Let’s go.
– Let’s go. – It’s a weekday and instead
of streaming something we’re gonna play Game of Thrones Monopoly. – Look at this. The TV is not on. And I am gonna read this book like a grown up who doesn’t
need TV to entertain them. Last night was the first time I actually decided to read for the last 20 minutes of me being awake and I had forgotten how
calming reading actually is. It was like a really nice time. – Cheers. – Cheers. – All I wanna do is lay
in bed and watch Netflix. Hello, darkness. My old friend. – So, I’ve had a super long day and I’m so exhausted and I just wanna lay down and watch TV and I’m wondering if DVDs count. – We actually went and got
pillows for the apartment. We went to a live comedy show at UCB. It was nice to explore the city and not stay in our apartment. – Today is the last day of
not being able to stream and I’m so excited and I’m excited to watch
Netflix whenever I want. – Not streaming for a
week was really great. – I’m pretty happy to be done
with not streaming, honestly. – I hate when I get told
I can’t do something ‘cuz then I wanna do it even more. – I definitely felt like a better person for not streaming all the time ‘cuz I do feel like a lazy
asshole when I do that. – I played a lot of boardgames. I cooked a lot. We finally furnished our apartment. I was a lot more
productive during the week. – I tried to set up that exercise ball, but it was so difficult and I tried to read, but it was so difficult to focus. – I did read one of the short stories and I started to read the second one, but haven’t got any further. – So, instead, I ended up singing with my ukulele like every single night and ended up posting stuff
on Instagram like I used to and it was great. It was great to do that again. It felt so good. – I definitely would want to continue this maybe like half the week no streaming. You know? – I definitely wanna
try and stream less now. I definitely feel like I can get more done and I don’t need it as much. I think it’s just being allowed to have it is what I need. – I would definitely do
a streaming purge again just because I did so much creatively that I haven’t done within this past year and I think it’s good to
do everything in moderation and to take breaks. – I cannot wait to get back to This is Us ‘cuz I was so in the middle of it and excited about that show and then I had to just cut it off. – So, can I watch Netflix now? – [Sara] I guess. – Is it safe to? – [Sara] Sure. – Cool, ‘cuz I was about
to watch it on my phone. (upbeat music)


    I binge watch shows 24/7 I have stayed up all night watching a whole season In one sitting, can't help it I love tv

    When you're too broke for netflix lol more time to read books from the local library, which is free for everyone

    Spoilers don't bother me too much??? Idk what's the big deal. I guess I'm not watching the right shows or something.

    Is be reading, drawing, coloring, creating. Anything that requires me to be creative… . .I'd probably clean a bit. . . .

    as a game of thrones fan, i just wouldn't have committed to this. the internet is dark and full of spoilers! you have to watch the episode to not get spoiled..

    EDIT: i corrected a typo

    TBH if I ever did this challenge I wouldn't care if I got a spoiler or not because I LOVE spoilers, they keep me going

    I like doing something else while streaming (a puzzle, clean, draw, etc) because then I feel like I'm not being super unproductive. But when it´s a super awesome episode like a finale then I get the ice-cream and just enjoy. 😉

    I think it's great too not be so attached to all these things because it's taking your valuable time that you could be bettering your self and the radiation is horrible!! Nothing much came from radiation

    I really like how this was formatted. I don’t know how to explain it, it just seems different from other buzzfeed videos, and I really like it.

    I like watching Netflix once in a while…maybe twice a week at most…but how can they watch it every day? It makes me sad…just read a freaking book and workout.

    A reason why I won’t let myself get Netflix until my A levels are over 😊 I just have a few series’ I watch weekly 💁🏽

    "It was so difficult to pump the gym ball". WTF?! This is literally the dumbest thing I ever heard. Even a 7 year old can do that… I can't believe BuzzFeed is uploading such bullsh*t.

    there's a app called Freedom that blocks you from certain apps and websites for any chosen period of time. there's a round about way to deactivate it but there's also a locked setting with no loophole. I love it.

    She said she wants to workout —- but she’s a streamer —- honey, watch your shows on your phone while you’re on the treadmill

    I have 4 kids, they broke the TV, as a punishment I never bought another one and didn't renew the TV licence. It's now been a week, we play chess every day, my kids read more and we have alot more family discussions. Ive actually noticed that my kids are getting smarter.

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