Best live streaming chat overlay chat review 2018

Best live streaming chat overlay chat review 2018

hello friends I am DragoNate and today I
will be showing you what the absolute best life streaming chat overlay is at
least for 2018 and in my opinion no I just found out about this a couple days
ago I I’ve known about it for a long time but I think when I first found out
about it in the very very beginning it wasn’t as good as it is now I could be
wrong on that but now they have an actual app if you don’t know how to talk
about I’m talking about they have a web chat app that you can also
download so not only can you have it running in the web but you can also
download it and in my opinion it’s extremely cool and when you’re live
streaming you always want to have the chat maybe on stream but even if you
don’t have it on stream you definitely want to have on screen for you to look
at especially if you are live streaming to multiple platforms at once for
example twitch and YouTube and mixer right you don’t want to have 3 4 5 6
chats open on your on your own desktop on your own screens so that you end up
missing half of them or something right but if you had everything in one single
window everything would be much more efficient and perfect and you would
never miss any chat from any of the different platforms that you’re
streaming to right every single one of your viewers you’ll see it right away
right now their little web chat app thing they not only does it
allow you to see all the chats from every platform but it also allows emojis
which is a bonus because it doesn’t show up as little block boxes or whatever
right as well as that they it allows you to reply to the chat and you can send
your messages to all of the platforms that you’re streaming to or pick and
choose which one now I have my friends here mr. funny fluffy hey and also my
friend druidic giblets or as I like to call Jibby hello and they’re going to
help me today show you what this looks like so when someone sends a chat for
example on YouTube we’ll have Jibby over here
send his chat on YouTube and then funny
fluffy will send his chat over on Twitch and you can see the restream actually
shows where each of the messages are coming from as well now unfortunately it
doesn’t show profile pictures like it does with normal YouTube chat overlays
which is something that I think could be improved upon and I really like that
idea of it being there although twitch doesn’t show
profile pictures in chat anyway so it would just kind of be inserted in on
certain platforms and not on others but I still kinda like the idea the idea of
it I’m used to it in every stream also for their chat app which you do have to
download and install by the way and it’s not the web chat don’t go to the web
chat one and then click download or whatever there you have to actually
download the proper app and install it it’s a thing that you that you will have
to install so if you download a thing and it doesn’t install and it just kind
of opens up that’s not the one you’re looking for now I’m going to show you
what their settings look like for their app here so under accounts you can
connect your twitch account in your YouTube account I think if you have
other accounts connected or whatever for streaming to on their website then you
can also connect those here they’ll show up I think I don’t know for sure but I
only have twitching YouTube connected because I don’t stream it anywhere else
and you can also connect a steam bot which is chat via steam overlay in full
screen and games so I haven’t tried this one out there’s also a discord thing so
you can read discord or sorry read messages from your discord channels as
well which is also kind of neat if you want to have like a specific discord
kind of stream only right you can also have filters so you can filter out
certain words and you can have it here so that doesn’t delete message but it
replaces bad word with asterisks which is kind of neat I think that I I think
that’s really cool you can also choose to hide the message in the app window
and or in the web UI if you hide it in the app window you won’t see it if you
hide it in the web UI your viewers won’t see it there’s also a whisper display so
that from twitch if there’s any whispers though those will appear
depending on your preference you may not want that on but you may you never know
your appearance what I have here I have the window oh ho
ho ho wait one second ok so I have my chat window here this is what I see when
I am live-streaming alright and this is really cool because you can have the
window to stay always on top so that it always is there right even if you click
on something behind here it doesn’t go away and you can also enable
transparency now this is this is the app settings for itself so that’s why that’s
actually showing through and instead of being on top so I don’t know what using
the GPU over here does I have no clue on that but you do have enabled
transparency which is what I have here if you disable the transparency then it
won’t show transparency right showing in the taskbar you know that I’ll just come
and it’ll show down in here you can also show viewers counters so up here right
at the very top right there oh wait sorry right right over here is where the
viewer counter isn’t you can click on this and you can see where it shows up
and everything right now there’s also click-through mode so this means that if
it is enabled you can click right through it so you can see right here I
can click right through the app without it going anywhere you can see my two
buddy overlay thing here can click on this behind it and then you hold ctrl or
you can change this to whatever you want I am going to keep it on controlled
because it’s easy for me and then if you want to interact with the window you
just click control and then you can click on it and then down here you can
choose replied to all chats and if you send that it’ll show up in all of your
chats if you go to here you can choose to have it sent to a specific place
either your YouTube chat or your twitch chat down here you have URL display so
it replaces the long URLs with tiny URL and you can change the opacity so you
can make it really high really low and for the message transparency as well
really high or really low really low obviously you can’t really see it
because all the text is white so I’m going to keep those at about 40% here
you can change the font size of the messages the nickname or username and
the timestamps if you choose to have timestamps on
you can also have notifications and so that whenever a new chat message pops up
you have notifications there so that you know about it and you can then read it
right away so that you can notify about new messages notify if your nickname is
mentioned in message or notify on specific keywords there’s also
text-to-speech so that when you get a message it will automatically read it
out now obviously this means that your viewers will hear that now you can also
embed the chat in the stream and up here it will give you a URL for the browser
plug-in in OBS or xsplit or whatever then you can change the theme the thing
can be changed from compact to boxed you can also change the message alignment so
that new messages show up at the bottom or new messages show up at the top you
can change again the transparency directly in here so that you can change
it in OBS and then this way you don’t have to do anything different in OBS you
can also change the size of the chat stuff right here as well the chat
background opacity message background opacity and then hide message after
however many seconds or just not hide at all if you want it if you keep it at
zero restreame.IO also has their own bots that you can interact that well it
says here your bots will interact with your viewers on behalf of your name
right so you can enable the bots if you enable the bots then you know all these
things can happen you can create completely custom actions look at this
action type send message send random text from the list send text file
content show help for specified content or run application slash script or open
URLs you can trigger on keyword you can put a description for exclamation help
you can customize entirely the chat command over here so you could make it
something like this and then discard and then it will for the voice command you
can go discord I think and then you can also make it so that what this does is
it gives a link for your discord or something in there right so that’s
really cool you can also have it to never repeat or you can repeat every
however long you want that’s every two hours
you can also trigger on keyword so this way if someone sends a
specific message in chat they’re sorry if someone says a specific word in chat
then the bot will trigger automatically and send that option plus to have voice
command recognition which I actually just realized and that is freaking cool
they have this web server thing which is deprecated and I have no clue what it’s
about they have this export profile and about and that’s pretty much it now I’m
going to show you what I see while I am streaming with this chat app this here
is exactly what I am seeing you can see my mouse goes completely flawlessly in
between or underneath the chat and everything you can see that the chat
doesn’t interfere with anything whatsoever it may look a little
different to you guys but for me I can see perfectly right through it it
doesn’t obstruct anything in the game at all and then I don’t have to look over
this way or look over that way to see new chat messages I can see him while I
am playing the game because I’ve missed a ton of chat messages usually from
twitch sadly and I sincerely apologize for that but I missed messages sometimes
because I’m focused on the game and I have to physically look to my right away
from the game to see the chat messages there and so I end up missing some some
things and some people can be really impatient but you can see here totally
like I can click I can click over here no problem whatsoever it doesn’t
obstruct anything now if I want to do something in the chat I want to send a
message in the chat or whatever all I have to do is hold ctrl I don’t even
have to pause the game here in order to do this I just hold ctrl then I can
click on the Settings I hold control I can click over here reply to all chats
go hello and you can see for me it shows up as restream but it gets sent to both
my YouTube live chat and my twitch chat coming from myself so both places see it
or like I said you can change to a specific one there this is really really
super cool I am so glad that I have found this chat app because it is the
best now the only suggestion that I have for for them to improve
on it or to change anything about it because I don’t want
them to change it I want this to stay exactly the way it is I don’t want it to
leave I love this chat so much restream thank you guys so much for making this
chat app it is seriously absolutely wonderful I I love it the absolute most
the only thing that I would like to see is possibly more customized options so
that you can have more than just the compact style here which looks like that
or the Box style which looks like this it would be really cool if you could
change the font as well as other things the color maybe that would be awesome
using in color maybe even to show mods show what your mods look like and
separate how mod user names excuse me and messages look on stream as well
because I think that’s really kind of cool or sponsors or things like that you
know I think it would be really cool to increase the customization that we have
here but I do not want this chat app to go away please keep it so that’s
basically it for this video I just want to share with you guys what my favorite
new newest favorite I’ve only used it for like two days
live-streaming chat overlay is and the thing I love most about it is that it
puts all the chats from all platforms into one single window and thanks to
transparency and always on top and the click through I can have it sitting on
top of the game without obstructing the game I’m playing and be able to see
everybody’s messages no problem no worries no misses plus if I want to send
messages I can still send messages to one or multiple channels if any of you
out there would like to use this chat all you have to do is
simply head over to restring hmm restream.IO and then login if
you don’t have an account you’ll have to create an account and then all you do is
you click on the chat up at the top it says chat new and then from there just
click download do not click the web chat link because the web chat link will go
to the web browser one which is not the one you want you want that one to embed
in your chat in OBS or whatever for live-streaming but you want to click the
download one right there so that you can actually have it for yourself I hope you
guys enjoyed this video hope you found something brand new today
and yeah this is not a sponsored video by the way this is just me sharing some
sharing about something that I absolutely love that I found for
live-streaming and it is so so great it helps me so that I don’t miss chats
which is a huge problem I have as my mystery twitch chat often so anyway
that’s it so let me know in the comments below what you thought of this chat app
if you have used it yourself I want to know what you think if you use something
else let me know what it is and what you think of that and how it compares to
this if you plan on using this restream chat in here please let me know I highly
recommend it and that’s it so thank you all for watching and I will see you
again very soon have a wonderful day and Godbless


    Thanks, really enjoyed the video. One thing I would enjoy is having it be on top with a game not in Window mode.

    thank you so much, i could not find a video to do this with in 2018, they were all the old version from a year or maybe longer ago

    Thanks for this guide! I've been using for a while, without knowing that this was possible! I only the web tool for the chat, which isn't great… I'll definitely download the app today!

    do commands pass through the chat to the original chat? lfor example cna u ban someone on twitch with ban with this chat?

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