Best Broadcasting Software for New Streamers – Xspilt GameCaster 4.0!

Best Broadcasting Software for New Streamers –  Xspilt GameCaster 4.0!

Are you looking for the best program to
get you started on your live streaming on twitch YouTube mixer and Facebook
gaming well you’re in luck because xsplit just dropped their brand-new 4.0
version of gamecaster and it promises to be better than everything out there
and we’re gonna take a look at it and do a deep dive right after this looking to
upgrade the production value within your stream look no further than
from overlays to alerts to stinger transitions to emotes own3d has got you
covered from beginner to professional simply find a graphic or design that
fits your style and flair for your stream and before you purchase you can
see how it will look with their interactive showcase it’s time you
became bigger and better by heading over to by clicking in the links
below hey all Wild4Games here to help you
become bigger and better if this is your first time here and you want to learn
all the tips and tricks that’s gonna make you a better streamer and content
creator make sure you hit that big red subscribe button tick that bell so you
know my videos go live for you and hey really quick if you like the product or
the service that I’m talking about I did you all a favor I put links in the show
notes below so make sure you check them out picking a software to broadcast out
your live content creations or gameplay is a pivotal part of deciding what type
of streamer you want to be or what type of assets you want to allocate into your
stream and there’s a lot of great services out there you have OBS you have
streamlabs you have Muxy and that’s just to name a few
but xsplit just came out with the brand new 4.0 version of their game caster the
new game caster has a ton of in-game assets and elements graphics overlays
that you can add to your stream with just one click or one drag to make it
fully customizable in fact they have over hundreds of free templates that you
can use to make your stream look that much more unique than the competition
and with everything just being a one click or a click and drag your
easy up and running within just a few moments essentially gamecaster takes the
best of both worlds it takes OBS in streamlabs and combines the best parts
to create game caster 4.0 for all brand new streamers out there now that I’ve peaked
your interest let’s out on over the computer so that
way you know how to use this program by the end of this video but just really
quick if you are interested in this program make sure you download it of
course links in the description down below once
you’ve downloaded installed and gone through the tour of the program the very
first thing you want to do is go to the top right corner where it has your
account information and go under settings this will give you all the
streaming recording and device settings that you need to have now it’s really
cool cuz gamecaster automatically detects what program you log in from and
will broadcast out to that platform since I logged under twitch it’ll
automatically always stream to twitch but if you need to change anything you
can always stream say YouTube twitch facebook and mixer I’m sure they’ll add
more at a later point but this is what you have access to under recording is
obviously where you can record – and what output you want the video files to
go make sure you put it somewhere in a nice dump file so that way it’s easy to
have access to so they don’t get lost in the jumble of all of your other videos
that record down from other platforms as we continue devices these are the
devices obviously that you’ll be using for your streaming setup it’ll have your
default audio your microphone as you can see it’s going up and down and it’ll
auto detect what webcams are plugged into your computer or machine at the
moment as you can see I’ve got two pluged in here which is using my Logitech brio
at the moment for when I scream out to twitch you can also do your hotkeys
language accounts and about me the one important piece of information I want to
make sure you do if you plan on using this is make sure that you have the
enabled in game HUD on which we’ll get to in a little bit later of this video
because it’s really cool with all of your settings with the way they need to
be go ahead and exit out of this in the top left corner we have studio and
themes themes is where you get to pick the stylized look of your stream that
you’ll be broadcasting out and all of these are free from gamecaster you can
pick from any type of animate or static or genre or even colors that
you like for me I went ahead and picked this one right here which is why it’s
already in my studio and if won’t let me delete it cuz you need to always have at
least one scene open so we’ll start the tutorial technically from this spot once
you’ve picked a theme it’ll put it over here on the left hand side as a source
if you right-click on it you can change the settings for whatever you need you
can change it to twitch YouTube recording whatever you want and you can
also select any particular icon that you want so that way it’s easily noticeable
for what it is for when you need to click on it if you need to add any other
sources simply click on the plus sign here and you can start creating brand
new sets which will be new sources that you can toggle between or use for
different styles of genres of gameplays or whatever you need for your particular
type of content creations at the bottom here you will see all the scenes from
the theme package that you selected they are all displayed in a filmstrip mode so
depending on the person you are this might be a better representation because
at a visual glance you get to see exactly what you’re clicking on as a
appose to text from streamlabs or OBS now each package comes with its own set of
themes you have start main and intermission but if you want to add any
new scene all you have to do is click on the scene button and here you can create
your own or choose from a theme let’s go with create your own when creating your
own scene the first thing you want to do is rename it click on the rename and
we’re just gonna call this one game play make it nice and easy
then we want to go to the edit function here now this is gonna populate in a
brand new window which may be confusing but technically this is a window on top
of the actual gamecaster so don’t be worried that you lost anything now in
the top left corner is your settings for this source and you’ll see general which
will allow you to snap which will allow you to move aligned assets within the
video player so that way you can make everything nice and uniform and to scale
then you have Advanced Mode which I’m not entirely sure what it is because it
says unlocks additional features not really sure what that is at a moment
perhaps it’s part of the premium service then you have potato PC mode which
allows you to enable the PC mode to remove extra animation so that way it
increases performance for the broadcasting software which is actually
the cool that they include this because a lot of new streamers have this problem
under general you have editor background which is allows you to use sample images
for when you’re creating a scene and third-party apps currently the only one
they have access to within this software is the Razer chroma but I’m sure they’ll
add more as this program gets a little more steam and traction over on the left
hand side here we have add widgets and this is where you get to add all the
bells and whistles simply click on this and you get to see all the elements you
can add you have custom window icon text custom widget image video group progress
bar and webpage along with all the different alerts that you can add just
like you would see with in streamlabs or stream elements as well as different
labels you can add an additional you can do counters goals trains and under
miscellaneous you can add things like chat stream cup transition tickers and
so forth and you can even do additional sources like camera and game source
which these are really cool because within this software program it doesn’t
auto detect even when you switch games it will auto detect to the new game and
snap the source into the perfect window for your video player
it’s really cool now when you’ve added all the widgets and assets that you like
you can really make a cool-looking setup here and the nice thing about all these
is all this can snap to a certain location and the game software makes it
very easy for you to click and choose whatever you want to make changes to and
if you ever need to make any changes all you do is click on a particular part and
here we’ll show you where you can make changes to as well as the lines or
change the message or even colors or styles or alignment or capitalizations
now this is just a quick run-through to get you started on what you need for
game caster if you want a full breakdown tutorial on how to make it the best
software for you let me know in the comments below and I will do a full
rundown of a tutorial on how to use this software one reason I think this
software is so powerful for new streamers is it tells a lot of the heavy
lifting for you simply adding in widgets or assets of what you want it’ll
automatically fetch the correct information so when I have this lower
bar down here it’ll actually grab the value of what it means by pulling in the
user name currency and the amount I simply just have to change the color or
stylize a or capitalization or flair of what I
wanted to have but it does everything else by fetching
the correct information so I don’t have to really do anything at all which is
awesome for beginning streamers out there that are really confused on how to
do things like stream labs or stream elements now when you’ve made all the
proper changes that you need to your scenes and sources here go to the very
top and click Save then go over to test this way you can see how everything will
populate on your stream when you’re live streaming and at the bottom here you can
go to whatever test you want to do so here we can test a followers so you can
see how it will be displayed or perhaps you want to test when you get a tip sent
to you this will show you the recent tip at the bottom as well as when it
populates at the top of the screen now when you’re all said and done
go to the top right corner and click the close button and this technically is
what reverts you back to the scenes and sources of your broadcasting software
over on the right-hand side is where you get to add in transitions and it comes
with a bunch of different free ones that you can use to your heart’s desire so
that way when you swap between sources here you can have a bunch of different
fun transitions for free at the top right this is where your stream events
will be displayed for one your live streaming as well as the bottom right
will display your stream chat all the way over on the bottom left hand corner
is where this will detect your camera sources and main input sources under
camera sources this will do its best to auto detect whatever camera is currently
plugged in that you want to use for your stream at the moment it’s detecting my
logitech Brio because that’s what I want it to detect when we go over to main
input source this is where it will be told to capture any game on this PC or I
can tell it to capture a console or another device like a capture card also
at the bottom you will see system sound and microphone now when I click on these
it technically crashes the program so I’m gonna say don’t click on these
but i have a feeling its because I’m using another software at the moment to record
this footage but the nice thing is if it actually does crash your system it will
reload within a simple click of a button and get you right back up and running
within just a few seconds the bottom right will show you how long you’ve been
streaming for as well when you’re on an offline plus the view count of what’s
going on with stream and the cogwheel takes you
directly to settings one of the really cool things about the software is the
auto detect feature with like the camera and the microphone and everything like
that but also with the gameplay so if I launch right now at the moment enter the
gungeon that I’m gonna play on stream the actual broadcast software will grab
within just a few seconds here the gameplay and snap everything in
correctly for where it needs to be and this is awesome no more fumbling around
with resolution sizes or manual changes that you need to do you can swap from
one game to the next and it does this virtually flawlessly which is huge now
one of the coolest things about game casters 4.0 version is the in-game HUD
that allows you to be used when you’re broadcasting from the software and sadly
there’s no real easy way for me to show you this because it’s kind of like a
hidden asset on top of a video player that’ll won’t allow me to grab it so I
have to use their YouTube footage here but it does it allows you to display
different types of information that you can pin widgets on top of the screen and
all you have to do is simply click control tab and it’ll take you to the
screen where you can see things like what’s happening on with the chat any
recent events posts or viewer accounts or anything like that and I believe you
can add more widgets in the future when this will come out but this is really
cool if you’re limited on monitor space or real estate space for your gameplay
because it’s kind of an all-in-one game asset and when I was using it I used it
a lot more than I thought I would cuz it’s so easy to click to see what’s
going on with your stream especially when you’re playing a high action game
now like I said this is just a quick rundown of Xsplits new Game Caster 4.0
and I actually think the program is really cool and it’s probably one of the
better things to get you started out there if you’re a brand new streamer now
it’s a little convoluted on few things like with the filmstrip mode at the
bottom and there’s just so many things you can do over to the left but once
you’ve figured out it’s very streamlined and very easy and in fact if you just
use the theme packages you don’t have to do anything at all you can get streaming
within just like 60 seconds which is awesome now like I said this is just in
beta so there’s gonna be a few hiccups here and there but hey it’s a free
program that could probably be a game changer for a lot of brand-new
streamers dipping their toes into streaming out there so if you like the
program or you want to give it a try I say click on the links down below and
give it a shot and let me know what you think now one of the big issues I had
with game caster I couldn’t find any articles or publicized information on if
it’s actually better than platforms like OBS and stream labs I couldn’t find
anything about if it’s you know easier on the CPU or a ram or the way that it
doesn’t coding is cleaner or better or it’s less of a task on your machine I
couldn’t find anything like that so if you find anything do me a favor leave me
a comment down below or xsplit if you see this video how about you publicize
some stuff so that way we can get a little more educated on your program now
if you’re a new streamer out there xsplit gamecaster is probably gonna be a
good direction for you to go but it’s not the only thing you need to learn
about if you’re gonna be newly streaming to platforms like twitch you need to
learn about the new channel points and rewards which I’m gonna put a video over
here to the side so that way you can get all caught up to speed so you know how to
use those properly as well once again my name is Wild4Games and I will see
all of you beautiful people in my next stream support video take care all and


    Interested in using brand new Xsplit Gamecaster? Make sure to click on the link below to take you to the free download for it 🙂
    Xsplit Gamecaster 4.0:

    Thank you for the amazing content! You always come in clutch right when I think of the next thing I need to do for twitch you have the video I need. I have been looking for better software for a while now

    Not bad. I'll wait till some more in depth testing can be done, at this point I'm good with OBS/Live, but I'm open to trying something new as well.

    So what's diffferent between obs this and streamlabs obs? Since you said this is obs and streamlabs put together. So what's different between streamlabs obs then????. Sorry I'm onlky like 4 mins into the video not watched it yet

    Usually agree with all of your points wild, but this software is awful, crashed 4 times within ten minutes and wouldn't Co operate with my elgato to the point where I had to unplug it just to be able to stop my ps4 black screening! I have a great pc and obs is still running my elgato fine so it isn't that! The layout of the software is great but until they add stability fixes ima give it a miss!

    Is there anyway you can connect a ps4 to this and if there is could you please make a video about it. Thanks for all the tips and tricks

    There are 3 things that I tested and I didn't like it:
    1- I am from Brazil and I wanted to change some titles (intermission, just chatting & etc) and I won't allow me to.
    2- I use my smarthphone as a webcam and the software doesn't have the "web source" widget

    3- I can't config my mic settings because the software crashes.

    I have a lifetime subscription to xsplit, but I've only ever used the broadcaster. I think I'll install this and muck around with it.

    Thanks Wild all of your videos has helped me out a lot on how to set up my stream. I'm an absolute beginner and one day I will have an awesome setup. All I need is people to see my streams. Thanks again.

    Hey man. Love your helpful videos. But can you be more specific in your titles. I'm a console streamer. So I cant use the information here.

    Definitely in depth vid of this one please 😁
    When is Wild going to create his own streaming service platform thing? 😋

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