Benson Can Play That Game Too, Mamasan – Law & Order: SVU (Episode Highlight)

Benson Can Play That Game Too, Mamasan – Law & Order: SVU (Episode Highlight)


    Go Olivia! She sure showed that chinese woman…That’s Why Olivia has always been my favourite lol❤️😂 l love it when she’s serious, that makes me LOVE HER sooo much more.❤️❤️

    You can't fool Olivia she can read your mind ,when she really got to get that information she want you to say , If you did something wrong. Olivia is brave and she is Captain

    Benson is strength and empathy and smarts. What a super woman she is and Mariska in real life is a wonder herself. Loved the episode. Margaret Cho was good!!

    That's RIGHT, Benson. I love her absolute power. When Benson wants something, she can get it. No questions asked.

    When Olivia is helping you out all you do is give her the truth , cause Olivia is great in telling you the truth. She is the Captain ,a true Captain.

    After season 16 or 17 they started using inappropriate speech in shows.. Or showing scenes of rape which they didn't in previous seasons.. It's uncomfortable.. Seems like they're encouraging people to turn into rapists, or provoking criminal behavior like rape& assault, etc.. Like in last recent episode showing rape scene.. I thought this show was supposed to enlighten people, teach them how to not end up with predators not encourage criminal behavior..
    I this episode since the changs weren't punished & escaped by feds, they should've shown karma another way like being shot by the boyfriend or newspaper saying they we're killed suspiciously like by the feds to quiet them

    Well 80 percent of Hollywood celebs treated us like circus animals stalking us on WiFi in Iran, invited by dumpobama! With loads of wealthy and powerful.. 4 yrs, 24/7 , even watching us in shower & bathroom,supporting Russian drug dealer terrorists against us.. Just leave these creeps alone to realize they're nothing without their fans.. U can't imagine what these type of people r up to. Like supporting trafficking

    Margaret Cho used to do a MUCH better Asian accent when she did stand up in her earlier days as a comedian – this right here shows that she’s either been Americanized for too long, has lost her roots or both.

    Don’t get me wrong, I still love everyone in the unit, but I just really want a new detective. Preferably someone more new or inexperienced to the job just to see how it would work out.

    I can dig MC in a serious role but they can't make me see someone who isn't Korean. At least give a story line about her being a Chinese citizen of Korean decent since those communities exist her Chinese American accent doth not

    Olivia you are the Queen ,when she need something she is going to get it out of you. You can't lie . If she is looking for someone she is going to find them.You can't hide !

    Wonder how many mafia families have their kids at colleges ? Also, where did that Kennedy, Trump, and Bush money come from ? All clean sources ? Very moral business activities the blue bloods are known to earn their monies from . Right ?

    I love Margaret Cho as an actor because she is well known for her raunchy comedy set but when it comes to acting, she always play polar opposite of her true self and it’s freaking cool!

    Well if i were benson i would still tell the school where the daughter tuition money is a dirty money and let it run it course. Lets see how she feels being destroyed in life just like her sex workers because she just wants money in her life with no concept of humanity

    Does anyone else besides me realize that at 2:07 it sounds like Benson says “Where did they get the bunny?” instead of money? 🤣🤣😂

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