At Home Snow Teeth Whitening REVIEW! Unboxing & Sensitivity Test! DOES IT WORK?! | xameliax AD

At Home Snow Teeth Whitening REVIEW! Unboxing & Sensitivity Test! DOES IT WORK?! | xameliax AD

Hey everyone! Me again welcome back to xameliax and if you are new, hello to you too! My name is Amelia we make all
kinds videos on this channel everything from travel to beauty to
fashion to food and I also weekly vlog every Tuesday at 7pm. So if you
are new click that subscribe button and stick around for awhile! So today we’re
going to be talking about the Snow teeth whitening kit.
Now you might have seen this bad boy knocking around on your Facebook your Instagram feeds. It seems to be everywhere at the moment and I wanted to see it actually worked! So I had my teeth
professionally whitened about 6 years ago and it was one of the best things I
ever did – it really helped my confidence. My teeth were quite yellow before and they’ve held their white color pretty well. I’ve used Crest Whitestrips a couple of times over the past 6 years – I think they work pretty well for the price, they’re like a lower strength at home teeth whitening just to top things up a little bit. But I really feel like over the past couple years the at home teeth
whitening market has developed a lot and they’ve got some really strong
dentist level kits that you can use at home. Let’s have a look inside the Snow Teeth Whitening Kit! It comes with a nice little bag and your box is in here. You can get rid of the box and then just put your stuff in the
bag and it’s quite easy to store. I got the super strength whitening gel
which they recommend for really hard to get rid of stains. I think that’s
around an extra £20 to pop that onto your order It’s just for really really stubborn stains or super yellow teeth, so that’s worth keeping in mind I got the lip protecting moisturizer because my lips are really really sensitive and I thought that might help when I’m doing the whitening. We have a whitening guide so you can see how white your teeth are and it’s really good actually you can leave it to put a
little mark in on the before thing so you can see where they are before I
would say that mine are probably around they’re probably between 3 and 5 at the
moment my incisors maybe towards the 5 and we want to get them as close to one
as possible! We’ve also got a user manual which is pretty straightforward
gives you step-by-step instructions you’ve got your little LED lamp here
which plugs into your phone so you don’t have to sit attached to a wall
socket you just plug into your phone it’s got a
USB it’s got an Android and an iPhone connector and if you lift this up
you’ve got your snow teeth whitening gel and the desensitizer for your gums as
well. Step One: clean your teeth. already done that! Step Two: smile and remind yourself how beautiful you already are. where is the lip protector?!
Oh it’s minty! Okay twist the teeth whitening wand until the serum flows to the brush. Apply serum evenly to your teeth in a one millimeter coating avoid the
gums and lips. Okay I’m going to use my phone as a mirror! Okay so now I have to plug this in!
I should’ve explained this before I started…oh well! Plug it into your phone….it works! You put it in your mouth for 10 minutes! Shall we do your teeth now?! So there we go all done! Just 10 minutes. It was really comfortable actually and ten minutes just flies by. I sat there and watched a YouTube video…one of mine obviously
because they’re the best on YouTube(!) Click subscribe! [LOL] Super easy then I just rinsed my mouth out got all the gel off my teeth. rinse that under the tap and it’s good to go! my teeth feel fine, let me try it we’ve got
a drink. Got my water my super cold ice water in my chili bottle let’s try …No sensitivity! That’s really good
because I do have quite sensitive teeth especially when it comes to cold things. Really pleased my teeth feel great. I can’t see a huge difference but let’s be honest we weren’t going to be expecting a massive before-and-after
with my teeth because they were still quite white, but I can definitely see a
difference on the bottom ones so you are supposed to see a difference after one
use if you’ve got really stained teeth however you are meant to use this for
ten minutes a day for 21 days to get the full benefit so I’m gonna continue using
this it’s super super easy and I will feed back to you so click Subscribe
stick around and in a couple weeks time I will post my after shots [ON INSTAGRAM @xameliax]
I’m impressed, I like it so I’ll leave all the links down below if you want to go check this
out – [PLUS my 21 day final review] I have had my teeth professionally done and used
other whitening products at home this is probably one of the easiest that I’ve
used before. So I hope this video has helped in some way or just cheered up your day in general… …that was my dog doing a very strange yawn!
If you enjoyed it give it a thumbs up if you’re new click subscribe and as always thank
you very much for watching I’ll see you again soon…byeeee!!!!


    Loved Toby’s cute facial expressions as your trying to speak after/during applying the gel on your teeth. 😆 He’s so precious! Another wonderful video. I’m going to the dentist for a whitening treatment soon. I hope it doesn’t cause too much sensitivity. I have issues with that as well. Have a wonderful week! ❤️

    This was a great video, is there any advice you could give on face SPF, I find I tend to break out with alot of them and it would be useful to know what you use. I have to use factor 50 because I live in a hot country and I haven't found a decent one yet….maybe you could do a video on it? 😉 xx

    Great video. How cute is toby looking at you when your trying to talk with the gel on your teeth lol x

    Loving all your content just now, really enjoying having little extra videos from you like these reviews or recipes etc in addition to the weekly vlogs. Keep up the great work ❤️

    What exactly did you have done at the dentist what kind of teeth whitening etc. I used to see people with teeth like yours now it seems like dentists do something very similar but maybe I'm wrong

    First time watching your videos and I love them! Definitely will refer here for makeup, beauty, travel ideas. I've also been thinking about whitening my teeth fo a few years, but never have. I may have to try this!

    I was using crest whitening strips but they would hurt my teeth. I was wondering does Snow Whitening hurt your teeth ?

    i love how you didn't have a thirty minute intro and then didn't take 10 minutes to describe each product. this was so straight forward so THANK YOU💛💛

    ill never understand the urge to sit in front of a camera and pretend you're talking to people about something interesting but it's not interesting and you're actually talking to no one…

    I'm so confused. This says review, but it is nowhere near a review…I was hoping to get some feedback regarding whether it really works from someone who has used it. This is nothing but a demonstration…colossal waste to time.

    Where is the follow up video?? You want people to subscribe but you don't keep your word…….typical youtube bullshit artist!

    $300 (American dollars) for this kit. Is it worth it? Remember the black charcoal craze last year? It was a hoax. If this is a hoax, it is a very expensive one.

    Soooo you need that gel and stuff it comes with to use the whitening gadget? What happens when you run out of the lip protector and everything else it comes with

    It’s much more expensive than the competitors. They offer no refund if your not satisfied and quite frankly the dollar store whiteners work so I’d expect something costing hundreds should also. The active ingredient seems to be a low dose of hydrogen peroxide. The dentist office uses strengths not available to general products. Also there is Zero clinical studies proving the light actually does anything to speed up the process.

    Nice enthusiasm… no details on price etc. Also how can you review such a product with white teeth already. Duh!!

    Your teeth are already white; don’t understand why you’re testing it. I can’t tell the difference before or after.

    Why does every teeth whitening video reviewer already have white teeth? Anyone know of a video with someone who actually has yellow teeth giving a review. This is obnoxious. If my teeth were even close to her initial white, I'd be so satisfied.

    You already have white teeth! You really didn't prove anything. Should have used someone else who actually had yellow teeth.

    Do you know how long the delivery is? I’ve looked at their site and it just says they can deliver to the UK

    hey gorgeous you forgot to tell your public about the damage that your little blue light causes to the enamel. i love the way you talk with it in your mouth… cheers nd stay pretty/hermosa

    I wonder what the drawback would be of just using it for a longer period to get fast results. Like instead of 10 mins a day for 21 days, just use it 3-4 times in a day for 15-20 mins. What are the warnings or dangers in the instructions that came with it?

    If I see another teeth whitening review done by a hot chick with already WHITENED TEETH, I think I will flip out.

    does it destroy your enamel? as far as i know all whitening products like the whitening strips will break down your enamel. the whitening works by stripping your enamel. it did say to avoid gum tissue so that means the item is the same as the strip which strip away your enamel

    You do know your teeth are not ment to be White . Your baby teeth are white that's why they called milk teeth. Adult teeth are supposed be ivory .
    Stop using dangerous chemicals . Instead use lenon bi carb and apple cider vinegar make a paste brush it teeth with that every day and you will have no e Coleen natural ivory teeth.

    found your video from searching for reviews for this product on google. you got a nice vibe about you that i can't fault and which I also find refreshing on this platform! subbed!

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