#AskGaryVee 321 | Brian Grazer

#AskGaryVee 321 | Brian Grazer


    1:50 – Brian’s Introduction (sports, selling, underdog)
    5:20 – Parents try to fix everything
    6:00 – I create too much entitlement in my employees
    9:30 – Bring fighting back
    13:15 – I don’t research people I meet
    17:00 – I am empathetic to hate
    21:40 – Talking about the book
    23:00 – Brian's Biggest flop
    24:30 – Best content Brian didn’t expect to perform well
    27:40 – The biggest mistake was not investing in uber
    28:30 – What will people get out of the book?
    29:30 – Everyone can create now
    32:00 – Kindness is an advantage
    34:30 – I want to get into film/television

    Now everybody has a chance to be who they are and to do something they love! Seize those opportunities guys! Much love ❣❣

    10:00 I agree more fighting, settles problems fast lol. My only problem with fighting nowadays is people take it to far sometimes. At least the videos I see on the interwebs.

    👊🏼The thing is that it’s not always relevant.

    But I believe in doing, thanks to you, rather if it’s relevant to me or irrelevant, I find a way to make the best out of your video.

    I sometimes feels that I need that one push to the center and I will handle it from there.
    Maybe to get the help of a reality show, although I am not sure it’s the right way. But I just need that one push.

    Nevertheless I am keeping the hard work and doing. ALWAYS!

    Loving the motivation. Check out my hustle, been grinding these past few years, buying multiple investment properties, cars, etc. Won't Stop, Can't Stop.

    Gary , you’re a beast! This was you in rare form. Ali – Frasier type stuff here. Couldn’t stop watching – and it’s “just” two guys talking. #amped!

    Thanks for checking out my you tube." E4 got no FEAR!
    My son is the happiest kid when I show him people are watching him spar in martial arts.Thanks Gary V for all your support.

    Thanks Gary, you are so right. We all can be creators and some people are not ready to actually take on trolls or always thinking on what people are going to think about them!!!

    I actually have often wondered "what is human connection, anyway!?" Btw GV We Trying Your LinkedInStrategy for Exercize Equipment!!!!! Thanks for the shoutout in your keynote!

    Minute 5:20 about parenting.

    Check out the way that kids are raised in Netherlands Europe. Gary Vaynerchuk and Brian Grazer would approve.

    Bringing up children the Dutch way | Michele Hutchison | TEDxKazimierz
    This TEDx talk got over 200K views

    greetings from Kraków PL

    Richard Lucas

    Garyvee is probably the most consistent YouTuber of all time, regardless of his viewer count. Shows he really was packin’ that ice

    GARY OMG let the man finish his thought.after watching thousands of your videos we all get that you have "unbelievable extraordinary unmatched humility", let the person you interview say a word damn..

    “Good enough” always turns into shitty.” How often have content producers said this sitting behind a keyboard editing their next upcoming episode. Great interview with Brian👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    "I'm empathetic to hate.." What an incredible view to have. That's a very decent outlook. Lovely interview Gary. Just charming and insightful. Love it.

    I feel like I just watched a fight where Gary beat the crap out of him by not letting him fucking talk. #Jeesus Gary, stfu once in a while, please.

    Gary, you are the man and I am a big fan.

    But that said, I didn't like the way this interview went. The only complain I have is as a host / interviewer you are supposed to pick their brain and get some nuggets of wisdom from his brain.

    Seeing how kinesthetic a person Brian is, you didn't do a good job at all. The next one with him should be an hour where he speaks 45 minutes and you only 15 🙂

    Sitting here in my home in India when I open your videos every morning, I am looking for something new, energetic & inspirational. I would have loved to hear a couple of stories from his life and his experience, especially when it is someone so accomplished in life.

    Will open another video of yours tomorrow morning 😀 Keep Inspiring, Influencing & Impacting lives Gary 🙏🙏

    Arguably one of the greatest Hollywood producers of all time and Gary allows no time for questions from his viewers, on a Q&A show called Ask Gary Vee. I love Gary but that’s a shame.

    What is the name of the coffee that Gary Vee drinks everyday? I talk a lot when I drink a lot of coffee. Just wondering what type of coffee he enjoys in the morning.

    Everytime I saw Gary's face, I thought,"What is this guy trying to sell? Next." Then I couldn't stop seeing him on everything. So, I tried harder to get away. Go to a different app, do something else, and or ignore. I just recently got enough balls to tell the truth to my former employer. Not because anything inparticular, it was more of a sickness that had been festering deep down inside of me. I could no longer stand this 9 to 5 make believe that this is my life. I've hit rock bottom. Now, I finally know what I've always been passionate about. Listening to all my mentors I decided to go for it and it's going where it should be. I saw one of my mentors speaking with Gary. Her vids aren't particularly the best. Not a huge following by any means. So, I gave Gary a shot. If I didn't like what he was saying, I'd turn him off. What I hear is him saying is something I've been needing. Like the day I was in my bosses office, a week before they let me go. I needed the truth. To peel back that, "I need to be picture perfect or I will lose my job." attitude. I don't recommend doing what I did, but after living the dead end job life since I was 16, I snapped. My life is calling for something else and I feel what Gary has been saying about doing what's best for me is on point. I wish I would've listened sooner. Cheers.

    Kids addicted to the cheering crumple at the booing sound like a lot of collage kids out there but NOT my kids LOL I toughen their rumpus up!

    5:30 nice topic #garyvee kids happiness parenting & it's correlation to depression.. Gary vaynerchuk you're legend. In my opinion you're speech God. If anybody doesn't believe me watch garyvee how to escape the rat race. This speech covers enormous amount of topics.!

    Love what you do Gary. But today you just killed everything that Brian started before we got to some depth. I did not know Brian previously, he comes across as a very wise person. I want to learn more of what he has to say.

    Gary it would be nice to see a movie on you, totally looking forward for seeing that in future, hopefully not after you are gone like Steve jobs, because movies play a huge role in building perspective and the world could really use, how kindness and karma took you so far and how you are still rising.

    Some simple principals in life.

    Getting what you want in life is simple. It's not easy, but it's simple. Know what you want, pursue it persistently.

    Live by the 3 L's to get it done
    Learn to learn
    Learn to be resourceful
    Learn to execute.

    And remember, winning, being right, and getting ahead are 3 different things, and you need to pick which one you want because your seldom all 3.

    I love how ur energy rubs off on people the more time u spend with some1GV. U really truly have a special gift my friend. Cheers brother. 1 of my dreams is2meet u & shake ur hand1day&maybe take u out4a coffee or fast lunch!

    In high school, I won a fight just by talking. The guy was trying to punch me. I was avoiding his punches and talking to him like crazy. He left annoyed. I stood there, no scratch.

    Gary, maybe it was a sign when you beat Oded “Wine-Stock” ….because then you beat “Stocking Wine”!! Big time!! Cheers and thanks for all ya do!!

    The wizzard review YouTube Channel is specially designed for the fast action takers and help them to choose the most profitable marketing stuff that fit their needs. please check it it will help u

    Amazing advice as usual Gary, you're the best <3 I followed your instagram marketing advice by using Igrocket com to boost my insta and wow I have nearly doubled my leads to my page

    Time stamps of Gary Interrupting:

    😂😂😅 love you Gary but these #AskGaryVee are hard to watch

    Love this! It is so much more about who you are than what you have. Soft skills and communication are extremely important. I really enjoy your content and knowledge. You have helped me a lot on my entrepreneurial journey!

    Gary, what do you do when you don't habe any dreams? I have tried the "what would you do if money didn't exist" thought process, but i still cannot find something to strive for. What would you do? Or what would you suggest to me to do?

    Love the show. Love this episode. But can you interrupt him less? Feels like he was so close to so many insights that were cut off.

    That's not exactly true ! You can make a lot of "content" but if you don't get pushed by Ytbe because you are a big star or production company — you will be stuck with maybe 40 views and 11 subscribers. lol

    I love his wife just by the way he looked to her what a lucky man my whole interview would have turned that way maybe some other time. Something to look forward to even if it never happens.

    GARY!!! I love you and the guidance you've provided me in life… BUT, can you please let your guests speak.

    Your guests can't fully contextualize their thoughts, stories and ideas when you interject their speaking.

    Brian is the best…. u had some great questions Gary, but sometimes we never got the answer because u lead him away from it with ur host A.D.D. – LOL

    Wow Gary with Brian Grazer! I saw a lot of his 90s movies when I was younger, Kindergarten cop, SGT Bilko & The Nutty Professor are my faves!

    Thanks you so much Gary VEEEEEE you’re the best because of you’re free knowledge I started my own podcast on YouTube and all the others platform #askgaryvee

    I was listening to this as a podcast and I didn't know who Grazer was. He sounded like a 30-something guy. Every time he said something like "30 years ago" I was like "whaaaaa?" He has a very young voice.

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