An Insider’s Look into the Future of Digital Marketing

An Insider’s Look into the Future of Digital Marketing

Marketers in the past have been relegated
to direct solutions. There is so much data out there right now. A lot of companies that
do one thing really well will try to branch out and do another thing not so well. Customer
behaviors are changing as mobile is on the rise. The mentality of a user on Facebook
when they click on an ad is obviously not the same mentality that a user has when they
click on an ad from Google. Users expect that their experience will be tailored to who they
are. I think the state of marketing technology today is sort of a mess. There’s been a proliferation
of tools in the past couple of years. It’s only recently that there has been this explosion
in marketing technology and we see these charts of the marketing tech landscape . It looks
like a billion solutions. You see a lot of these big marketing clouds where they offer one suite with a bunch of different options that might not be best in class. Even companies
like Oracle who are most known for being very monolithic in their approach to solving problems have recently conceded that and said that they’re are going to start selling cloud solutions online to
their customers. I think that speaks to the change we’re seeing in the market, where the
actual marketer themselves for the first time can make purchasing decisions about which
applications they are going to use. In the future, I think fragmented tools will probably
fade into the wayside as clear leaders become clear and the monoliths will probably also scoop some of those up to strengthen their aging toolsets. You’ll see some of these suites be challenged by tools that do one thing much better than the other and they’re going to have to learn like hey, you have
to integrate with this tool because your customers are now using this tool. I’ve also seen companies
move from a one size fits all, where they are trying to offer the entire marketing technology
suite of tools into a more specialized ecosystem where there are companies like ours building
unique tools for unique channels. The evolution of tools, the need for artful machine learning to make sense of the data to produce actionable intelligence is becoming a necessity. The concept of big data is really playing out and being able to synthesize that data into
actionable marketing techniques is really starting to pay out from an ROI’s perspective. Things that were done a couple of years ago manually are now put in an automated process
so it’s freeing up marketers to really strategize and optimize and test. For the past twelve
or fourteen months, we’ve seen the tools start talking to each other and feeding the data
back so that customers can have a unique experience whatever the marketing channel they are on. Most companies today they’ve done a lot of amazing things up until this point and have gotten a lot better at optimizing their campaigns and have gotten a little bit better at focusing
on the customer but now a lot of technologies are getting a lot more focused on the buyer
and the needs of that individual. Users want to be spoken to in a marketing standpoint
but they want it on their own terms and they also know they are an individual person and
we know that they are an individual person and we want to recognize that by having a
personalized experience. It’s really gearing towards
one to one personalization at scale. We don’t have to go through a long, complicated design or programming process to put together
a landing page, to test a new offer, to test a new product, to a/b test different messages. So we’re going to see an increase in personalization and relevancy and from the technology side,
you’re going to see an increase of companies focusing on single problems, like landing pages
or social or marketing automation and then an emergence of tools that are doing a better
job of unifying all of those different platforms together. So it sounds a little cliche but
it really is about getting a better user experience that will keep that user coming back for your
good or service.


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