Amazon Keyword Research Strategy To Find Winning Amazon FBA Products

Amazon Keyword Research Strategy To Find Winning Amazon FBA Products

Amazon keyword research strategy to help you
find winning products to sell on Amazon FBA will be revealed in today’s video. Every single little thing that you type on
the internet is considered to be a keyword. When you are looking up videos on YouTube,
when you are looking up things on Google, when you are looking up things on,
everything stems from a keyword. In today’s video, I am going to explain to
you the importance of keyword research when it comes to looking for Amazon products to
sell that are, in fact, winning products to sell. You see, a lot of sellers don’t understand
how to go through keywords to look for products. And instead, they are very focused on searching
randomly on, I am not saying that’s bad because there are strategies to find products
through going down the rabbit hole on to find products to sell. But, you still must verify your product by
going through keywords. Allow me to explain what I mean by this in
just a little bit. We are going to dive inside of my computer
so I can show you exactly what I mean. For those of you who are new to my channel,
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FBA sellers and young entrepreneurs trying to change their life for the better by starting
their own online business. Now, what is keyword research? For example, you may have seen on YouTube
that a lot of coaches such as myself, or maybe someone else that you are watching, we all
kind of have the same keywords in our titles for all of our YouTube videos, right? And you’re probably wondering, “why does everybody’s
titles always include the keywords ‘Amazon FBA’ or ‘product research’ or ‘keyword research’
or ‘pay per click’, ‘PPC advertising'”? Well, that is because it’s the same rule that
applies when you are looking up products on Amazon. You want to find keyword rich products where
you can sell on that a lot of customers are looking for. If people are not looking for what you are
selling, how do you expect to make any money on Amazon? This is why I always say to new sellers, please
do not try to invent some fancy product and not do the keyword research. I know I have met a lot of creative people
along my journey and I usually am very honest with them even though it may sting a little
and I really respect you guys being so creative with your product ideas but the problem is,
when you are inventing some sort of product, people may not be searching it properly on
Amazon causing you to not get that many sales. That’s why sometimes newer sellers, they get
a little too creative and we want to stay away from being too creative because people
are not searching these specific, less searched keywords on Amazon. And I am going to show you exactly what I
mean by that and also break it down for you what types of keywords you need to be looking
at if you really want to find keywords that will convert for your product. I know a lot of you guys have watched my previous
YouTube videos with Bradley from Helium 10 using BlackBox to find products. Now, Black Box is only the beginning stages
of finding a product. You still must go through keyword research
to verify if your product has product demand, people are actually searching for that product. You have to see whether or not, on page 1,
people are in fact selling your product. Because sometimes keywords may sound like
your product but they are in fact not your product and I am going to show you what I
mean by this. Now, there is a curated research criteria
that you must follow so you don’t end up selling a product that is too high in demand. And you don’t end up selling a product that
is too little in demand. When your product has too much competition,
it’s going to be extremely hard to make money and to sell. And when your product has too little competition,
well, nobody is searching for it. So how can you expect to make sales, right? I remember when I, myself, was a newbie selling
on Amazon FBA, I never did the keyword research and I cannot believe how much information
I was missing and that’s probably why I sourced a loser cell phone case that left me with
over $5,000 lost. I don’t want that to happen to you. And it wasn’t until I found Helium 10 and
one of their members taught me how to look for products through keyword research. I started applying that to my own business
and BAM, I was able to find winning products to sell on Amazon. Alright, let’s jump inside of my computer
so I can show you some keyword strategies that you must know. Alright guys, I am going to be using derma
roller as an example product today. All I did was type in derma roller into Magnet
keyword research on Helium 10. And what this does is that it pulled up every
single keyword across that is related to derma roller. You can also check out other markets right
here but we are selling in the US, majority of us. So we will just keep it at US. Now, when you look through keywords, the very
first thing when you are looking for products through keywords is to make sure that it is
your product on page 1 of that keyword. As an example, all of these keywords pulled
up here are somewhere in your competitor’s or yours product listing, right? This is, these are all the keywords that are
in the product listing of your competitors’ and every single seller that is selling a
derma roller on Now, notice there are keywords such as, if
I were to sort this search volume from big to small, and what we want to focus on is
targeted keywords, meaning keywords that are specific, relevant, and is your product. Now, this one is derma roller. Well obviously, derma roller, this keyword
is your product, right? So let’s open this up to page 1. We want to check if every product on page
1 of the keyword derma roller is a derma roller. And so far, it is. We have 3 sponsored ads. Organically, there are derma rollers. Ignore these products right here because it’s
just advertisement from Amazon and it is a derma roller. Derma roller. Yes, tons of derma rollers. Now, if I were to go back to other keywords
associated with a derma roller, you have to check if it is a derma roller. Let’s see what is a good keyword. This is what I call a broad keyword. Something like beauty products. Okay, the keywords beauty products, I mean,
yes, a derma roller is a beauty product. Technically, it is. But beauty products, that keyword does not
describe my derma roller. When you are going through the keywords for
your product, you have to make sure that page 1 is your product. If I open up beauty products, I see some Vitamin
C Serum, Aztec Secret Healing Clay, Under Eye Skincare System. There’s a bunch of stuff here happening, right? And these are the keywords that you want to
stay away from when you are doing your product research. If I look at more keywords, like I said, I
call this broad keywords. It’s just not reliable. If you are looking at the demand here and
you are looking at, “wow, there’s 7,639 people searching beauty products, I must have a winner.” Well, you probably don’t have a winner because
this keyword is not specific enough. If you were to look at products through keywords
that are 90% your product on page 1 like what we looked at for derma roller, then these
are the keywords that you want to target eventually through your PPC campaign to have yourself
ranked on these keywords. You will experience a much greater conversion
because it is your product opposed to if you were to use beauty products and run PPC towards
it, it’s going to be very unlikely that you are going to make that sale because there’s
so many different things going on here. And if I were a customer and I am being specific
about what I want, this is more of a browsing mindset. Browsing, shopper type of mindset. If I am just kind of browsing on Amazon, I
am kind of bored, I may type in beauty products or skincare products. But if I know that I want to buy something,
I want to buy toothpaste, I want to buy a jade roller, a derma roller, chances of you
getting that sale when a customer is very specific about searching something is so much
greater. I hope that makes sense. You can also look at keywords like skincare. Skincare is also a very broad, very vague
kind of keyword and same thing is happening here, we have the healing clay. We have vitamin C serum. We have a mud mask. Again, these are just keywords to stay away
from through your product research and you want to always double check by clicking on
this little guy right here, opening up page 1 to ensure that page 1 is your product. Like I said, the more of your product that
is specifically your product on page 1 is going to help with your conversions. I hope this video has made sense for you guys
today. There is a huge difference between looking
for products in keyword research using broad, vague keywords and using targeted, specific,
relevant keywords to your products such as derma roller. If you guys have any questions, be sure to
drop me a comment below. I’ll be very happy to respond to you. Subscribe to my channel. Give this video a big thumbs up if you enjoyed
it. And of course, I’ll catch you in my next video.


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    Hello thx for your great videos. Do you have a video about amazon tax preparation for end of the year. Does amazon reports the PPC costs as sales to IRS?thanks

    I currently have only a few products and each with a low profit as they are not high priced items. BUT in Canada I’ve increased my 30 day sales by 335% by listening to your negative keywords info. I put them on my automatic campaign and started a few manual. But one has only spent .02 cents in days… ? Maybe it was too specific. Lol. But I’m learning!!

    Those 2 dislikes are from those who don't find research strategy appealing. Hence why they couldn't find any winning products to sell. LOL

    Yep the keyword part of FBA is key to success .. I’m still getting my head around it all.. iv had helium 10 for 2 months and a course and still haven’t got
    going … i also think that the girls do a better job on the videos and are far smarter .. love it .. watching learning

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