Adwords Tip – Search Terms Match Type

Adwords Tip – Search Terms Match Type

Good afternoon this is Thomas Green with this is just a little tip I have found something in AdWords that either is new or has escaped my attention for quite some time and that’s segmenting keywords by match type and if you go to keywords in your AdWords interface you’ll see the various keywords that you’ve bid on this is all time data so these are old campaigns that are now removed if you go to segment and then search terms match type what will actually happen is underneath the keyword it will basically tell you what the data is depending on what much type the search term was so in this particular instance the richest man in babylon is the keyword and the data that it’s made up of the match type is actually underneath it and you can see that in this particular example the majority of the the data comes from exact match now I actually set my campaigns up splitting by match type just because as far as I was aware this wasn’t previously available so if you are aware of when this was introduced maybe just let me know in the comments down below if you because I didn’t say see any announcement from google anywhere that this was introduced but if you don’t set your account up by splitting by match type this should be quite interesting because you’ll be able to see the various you know the click-through rates of the search term and also if you’re tracking accurately you should be able to see how the match types are performing based on the conversion so in this instance the click-through rate for exact match is considerably higher for phrase match and broad match and you know if the conversions were the same then obviously I would much prefer to pay a higher bid for something which was converting much higher so just a little tip it’s going to be a bit of a short video today just because I was looking for something that I hadn’t previously covered before and that perhaps might be new and this is it so again keywords and then segment by search terms match type and it will drop down a little bit additional data below and this should be quite interesting and another example might be if if the keyword has a higher cost per conversion and you segment by match type perhaps broad match might be performing badly but you know the other match types might be performing well and then you know you would remove the broad match and just have the match type as phrase or exact or you might bid less for it for example so I hope that’s helpful as always feel free to put your requests about particular topics in the comments below and if you are interested in AdWords management feels free to visit us at and thank you very much for listening


    I streamed this video in a different location than I normally do, so the internet connection wasn't quite as strong (hence the audio issue) – thought I would release it rather than deleting. Let me know if there are any parts which cannot be understood.

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