AdWords Bidding Strategy

AdWords Bidding Strategy

Hey guys I am Mark Tillison and today we are
talking about Google AdWords Bidding Strategy. So coming up we are talking about how to structure
different keyword bids so carry on watching for more of that, and how to make sure you
are attracting the right traffic to the right traffic in your Google Ads Campaigns. Do make sure you ask some questions in the
comments and I will do my best to answer those for you. So let’s look at Google AdWords
Bidding. So the first thing to say about how you bid
is to remember that Google will always chase the money. So wherever you bid the highest
on variations of your keywords, which could potentially match the same query you must
make sure that you bid the highest on the keyword that you most want to match. So generally
speaking if we look at the different match types, I will assume that you know the match
types or there is another video on our channel that will tell you all about the keyword match
types. So let’s start with broad match of mens
shoes, the broad modifier with pluses in front, the phrase is in inverted commas mens shoes
and the exact match of mens shoes. Now the first thing to say is structure your
bids for those keywords. So you generally speaking, this isn’t 100% all the time, but
generally you would want to set your maximum bid on the exact match of mens shoes. So,
what you don’t want to happen is a higher bid on the phrase of mens shoes because if
you bid higher on the phrase there is a good chance that Google will match your phrase
keyword rather than your exact match keyword. So typically you might want to bid 5% maybe
even 10% but for the sake of this demonstration let’s say that you are going to bid 5% less
on the phrase match to attract exact search traffic for mens shoes will then match your
exact match keyword. The next one down is the broad modifier. The
modified broad match keyword of +mens +shoes and bid 10% less on that, again you really
want traffic generally to match your phrase rather than your modified broad. And then
the broad match at the bottom effectively bid quite a lot less and that can sweep up
all the searches all of those real long tail searches which aren’t picked up by either
your modified broad matches or your phrases or the exact match. So that is a simple structure, if we dive
a little bit further into this let’s talk about broad modifiers. So these can be quite
long tail keywords. So again, so with in this and within the structure that I just showed
you on the previous screen there, you would want to bid slightly higher on your longer
tail terms so mens patent formal shoes you would want to bid quite a bit higher because
you want to attract traffic away from mens formal shoes. So the more specific the keyword
is the more specific your ad is and the more specific your landing page is, so you can
take that searcher directly to a very specific set of search results on your website, or
a very specific page that relates directly to that search. So your quality scores generally
should be pretty high for that, they are highly relevant, highly motivated buyers that know
exactly what they are looking for. So these are real good keywords to be bidding on. The
next one down from that is mens formal shoes and we want to bid slightly less than the
top term there and then mens shoes at the bottom, that’s kind of you maximum bid for
a broad match modifier. So again, we are attracting traffic away from mens shoes towards mens
formal shoes and we are attracting traffic away from mens formal shoes to mens patent
formal shoes or any other variations. So, just be careful again to think about if you
bid more on mens shoes than you do on mens formal shoes then when someone searches for
mens formal shoes then it’s more likely that Google will show the mens shoes keyword.
What doesn’t happen, and some people think happens automatically, Google doesn’t always
match your keyword to the search term, the term that the person is typing into Google.
It won’t always match your keyword as close to that, it will go after the money, so you
know, do be careful with that. So what about bidding for positions, does
position matter should you be number 1, number 2, number 4, number 6. The truth is yes it
does and not is doesn’t, or not so much. So let’s take a price comparisons site search.
So, this user, this searcher, knows exactly what they are looking for it might be a branded
product or in this case I have just used Batman Begins Blu-ray as an example. We know exactly
what we are buying, we know what this movie is, we have seen the reviews, we might have
seen it at the cinema, but we know what this product is and really we are comparison shopping.
We just want to find a website that has this product in stock that’s available, it’s got
free shipping. We want a price for this, where ever we buy this product from it is the same
product. Actually number 1, number 2, number 3, number 4 position in the ads, or even in
the organic rankings for that matter, but those top positions really can make quite
a significant difference. So, you really want to be top 2 or 3 or 4. Down in position 5
or 6 or 7 you are going to get less clicks. If you are a few pence cheaper it probably
not going to make much different by that point. So, for a price comparison much more important. If we look now at what I would call a shopping
search. So this is a broader match search using the example from earlier of mens shoes,
this user hasn’t decided what brand they want, they haven’t decided and they haven’t told
Google or us as advertisers, they haven’t told us what type of shoes they want so we
don’t know if they want formal shoes, we don’t know if they want leather shoes, we don’t
know anything about their search query and there’s a good chance that they don’t either.
So they are quite early in their search funnel. If you are not sure what a search funnel is
then there is a video and some content elsewhere I will leave a link to that in the description
of this video for you. So, this is quite early in the search funnel which means that this
user is going to shop around so they are going to visit a number of different sites until
they find product that they like. So this is a bit more, if I use the previous example
of the Blu-Ray DVD, this is a more like bidding on DVD, or Blu-Ray movies, or Action Movies.
We don’t know yet what that user wants and that user doesn’t either so again being in
position 3 or 4 in that case isn’t quite so acutely painful as it might be with a more
specific search. Again just think about how your audience behaves. There are campaigns
that I have worked on that have been hugely successful on these general shopping terms
where we have been in position 5 or 6 and actually we didn’t pick up many more sales
when we in position 2 or 3 the clicks were just more expensive. So you can find me a +Mark Tillison on Google+
or @Tillison on Twitter, +Tillison Consulting you can find the rest of my team there on
Google+ and on Twitter @TeamTillison. Do ask questions in the comments and make sure you
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    I don't understand how they charge for bidding! If I set a daily budget of 100 dollars for an exact match keyword and bid it for 7 dollars, how much will Google charge me at the end of the month.

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