Advertising a look behind the screens – Trailer

Advertising a look behind the screens – Trailer

No advertiser in the history of advertising Has gotten up in the morning and said I think I’m just gonna blast a bunch of people with some irrelevant bullshit Ads or content they appear first in search engine results They are right there alongside your sisters post from last weekend on social media And so we need to start treating them like that And we need to hold them to the same quality bar that we hold every other piece of content we created in many ways social advertising is Less about the advertiser speaking into the the customer but actually having a conversation with the customer Facebook has always been about connecting people and we strive to build meaningful connections between businesses and people we know that every company wants to grow our solution starts with marketing and an ability to Zero in on those audiences that matter most to you What you really need to think about is am I establishing our relationship there wherever is trust established and relationship where there is value Created if you can do those things, I think you can be successful We only have so many hours, you know And I think we need to be incredibly thoughtful to think about where we can drive efficiency when we have the ability to use automation We’re able to get people who are more likely to spend money at your business and be a repeat customer The power of these networks is their targeting capabilities If you can hone in to that and find the audience that relate the most to your messaging that’s the bread and butter of this


    It’s important to find your buying persona for each platform and each type of content. This persona is not the same on Google, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram because users digest different types of content. The best way is to test different age, sex, interests and check their engagement with your content.

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