7 Advanced SEO Techniques To Use In 2019 | Neil Patel

7 Advanced SEO Techniques To Use In 2019 | Neil Patel

Are you finding that you’re not getting any results with SEO? Well’ that’s because you’re
using a lot of tactics that everyone else already knows about. Hey everyone, I’m Neil Patel, and today I’m going to share with you seven advanced SEO tactics. Before we get started, make sure you subscribe to this channel. That way when I teach you the next latest and
greatest thing about SEO, you’ll get notified because you subscribe. Now, I have a question for you. How many of you are getting
little to no results from SEO? If you’re not getting
any results from SEO, leave a comment with yes. If you are getting results,
leave a comment with no. The reason I ask this is this will help me adjust my videos in the future
to give you more feedback that’ll help you get the
results that you deserve. The first advanced tactic I have for you is get to know your users. Everyone thinks that SEO is just about on page or link building. But here’s the thing, Google wants to rank
what’s best for the users, first, second, third, fourth, and all the way down the list. The way you get to know
what’s best for your users is you survey them. By using tools like
SurveyMonkey and Hotjar you can find out what your
users love and what they don’t. By adapting your content,
your services, your product you’re much more likely to
get that traffic from Google because you’re creating
the best user experience. These days, Google’s looking
at what’s called user metrics. Those are things like people coming to your
site after they click. Or they search for a key word. They click on your listing. And then they even look at
how many of those people, a percentage of them, are clicking the back button right away. That tells Google, hey people aren’t liking
what they’re seeing. They’re also looking at things like time on site, bounce
rates, pages per visitor, even how long your website takes to load. By surveying people, you’ll
get what’s ticking people off and why they’re leaving
or not buying from you. Fixing all of these things doesn’t just help
improve your conversions, but it also helps improve
your rankings in Google, because you’re providing
the best user experience. The second tip I have for you is leverage schema markup. You know all those
reviews and star ratings that you see when you’re doing a search? That’s called schema markup. If you’re using WordPress, you can just check out
the Yoast SEO plugin. It’ll allow you to do schema markup with just a few simple clicks. It’s worth checking out, makes it easy. And that way you don’t have to learn a single thing about coding. The third advanced tactic
that I want you to try out is expand your most popular pages. See, content marketing is
a big hit or miss game. You create a lot of webpages,
a lot of content pages. Some get a ton of
traffic, and others don’t. And you may be asking yourself why. The links, I did all the best
packs to all of my pages. But why are some doing better than others? Well, a lot of times you
just won’t have the answer. But what you can do, is you take your most popular
pages and expand them. So let’s say you have a 3000 word blog post that’s ranking well. You’ll want to take the key words that that page is ranking for, put them into a tool called Ubersuggest. It’ll show you all the
other long-tail phrases that are related to that main phrase. Integrate them into that page. In essence, you’re expanding your page. You’re not just adding in more keywords, but you’re adding in more content. You’re expanding the depth of that page so that 3000 or 5000 word blog post may turn into something
that’s 10 thousand words. And when you do that what you’ll find is you’re already ranked
for the main head terms, by adding in the long-tail phrases, you’ll just get extra
traffic with very little work in less than 30 days. The fourth tip I have for you is to send link juice
to lower ranked pages. As I mentioned with the previous step, you have some pages
that naturally do well, and some that don’t do as well. Well, the ones that don’t, go to all of your other
pages that are doing well and internal link to the ones that aren’t. And see if that helps boost them up. What you’ll find is over time, those pages that aren’t ranking that well will start climbing
higher and higher again. Then I want you leverage infographics. You’re probably already saying, Neil, I’ve seen infographics,
everyone has them. But no, I don’t want you to
just leverage any infographics. I want you to leverage
advanced animated infographics. Have you ever seen the infographics on how a car engine works, or how fast do cheetahs run? They’re animated by integrating
gifs within your infographic they’re much more likely to go viral. And you’re gonna get way more back links. The guy who created
how a car engine works, he was telling me how he got over a million visitors
to that infographic. Do you know what he did to market it? Nothing. He just released it. Everyone was like, oh my god,
this is crazy, it’s animated. He started getting a lot of
social shares, back links, started ranking for everything because people are like, this is cool. And that’s why you want to
leverage animated infographics. Then I want you to leverage roundup post. The reason roundup posts are really good, and no one does this. I don’t know why. They used to be more popular
three or four years ago, but they still work. Let’s say you’re writing
an article on 101 SEO tips, or 31 SEO tips from 31 experts. By emailing all of these experts and getting them to participate, they’re not only likely to share your article on the social web, but they’re also likely to link back to that
article and help promote it. All those links and social shares will get you more traffic, and eventually the more
eyeballs seeing your page the more natural back
links you’ll also get, which will increase the
overall authority of your site and your rankings. The last strategy I have
for you is prune and crop. I know this one’s going
to seem really hard. When you have an old site and you’ve been writing content for ages, there’s a lot of pages
that just won’t do well even when you do the internal links and you send link juice to
those low ranking pages. But start cutting the dead weight. When you start cutting the dead weight, more authority starts going to the pages that are ranking well. And it should help them climb even higher and higher over time. So that’s it. Follow those advanced strategies and you’ll start getting
more love from Google. If you liked this video,
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help from me and my team, check out my ad agency Neil Patel Digital. Thank you for watching.


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