5 Things You’re Not Utilizing In Content Marketing On LinkedIn

5 Things You’re Not Utilizing In Content Marketing On LinkedIn

(uplifting pop music) – Five things you are not utilizing on LinkedIn content marketing. So, I know a lot of you
are doing content marketing on either social media platforms, and of course it always does well, right? But, you can see it starting to slow down, and I wanted to talk about
LinkedIn for a second, because I have been using LinkedIn and I know Sifu Dan Lok, my
mentor, my business mentor, have been using LinkedIn. Maybe you’ve seen him
on LinkedIn yourself, and there’s a lot of things
that we’re testing out. But, what we have noticed is
that LinkedIn specifically, the rate in which a post
dies is a lot slower than any other social
media platform right now. So, if you’re not already on LinkedIn doing content marketing
definitely something to consider. And, there are a few things
that you wanna make sure that you’re doing while you’re doing content marketing on LinkedIn. Number one is copywriting. So, there are two things that are in copywriting on LinkedIn. Number one is the post copy writing, and the second one is
the article copywriting which is more of a blog style. So, I wanna go in to post real quickly. So, for the post I want you to think about more of a traditional
social media ad, right? So, you want to make sure
that there’s a proper hook that hooks people in, and if you are on LinkedIn that you notice that there is about two to three sentence, and then they have to
open it in order to see the whole entire post. You want to make sure
that hook is captivating. And then, after that you wanna’ go into some sort of story that
explains what you’re really talking about and of course a call to action at the end of it. So, a almost typical social media ad. But, to do that on LinkedIn right now is very rare and right now it just gets so much engagement, right? And then the second thing
of course is the articles. And article’s something
more that’s blog oriented. So, it’s something that
you want that’s evergreen on your LinkedIn profile itself, because somebody might come in, they’ll click on your profile, and they’ll see all of your articles, and an article you can share over and over in a post if you wanted to, to just gain a little bit of attraction. So, the interesting
thing about copywriting, is that I didn’t really think it was that big of a deal if I didn’t have
proper copywriting knowledge. But, my mentor Dan Lok, you watch this channel so you know him, and you know his background
is in copywriting. And he kept telling me “Tina, you need to really understand how to do copy and how to captivate people, because it goes into
marketing as a whole.” And I didn’t really
realize it at the time but, as he started to teach me, and as he started to really
break down all of the pieces, and why people get engaged and re-engaged, and want to engage with you
even further and trust you is all within copywriting. I found that after I
utilized these techniques and tips that he has been
giving me throughout the years my engagement level across
all social media platform by the way has sky rocketed like crazy. That being said, if you want to check out we do have a High Income
Copywriting training. It’ll be probably on the screen
or under the description. So, if that’s something
that you’re interested in, I’d definitely check it
out because it’s definitely helped me and my engagement. So, let’s talk about videos on LinkedIn. Videos are great especially
because right now LinkedIn doesn’t have as many videos out of all of the other social media platform. Even if you’re a beginner
at making videos, or if you are a novice and
you make videos all the time, this is a great time. Make sure that you know what
you want to portray though. For example, if you know that your clientele is more of a professional, then you want to dress professionally. You want to make sure
the camera is set right. Maybe going up, you don’t
want to be looked down on with the camera angle. You want to make sure that you have the bright body language as well. So, if you’re all over the place, and you’re more YouTube
crazy personality oriented, then maybe you want to calm it down a little bit more on LinkedIn. So, just be mindful of
who your clientele is, and what you want to appear
like in the video itself. All right, another one is hashtags. So, this is severely under
utilized on LinkedIn, which means there is an opportunity. So, hashtag meaning not just in your post, of course if your post is on
sales you wanna’ hashtag sales. If it’s on project management then you wanna’ hashtag project management, or whatever industry that you might be in. But that being said, I want to make sure that the hashtag is not just in a post but it’s in your comments when you comment back onto other peoples post. Because that’s gonna
trend and then your name is gonna keep coming
up in whatever industry that you might be in, including
your LinkedIn profile. Just literally put it
everywhere that makes sense. You don’t want to spam anybody, but it does get trended. Especially if that post or comment trends then your name keeps coming up, and you become really well
known in the LinkedIn world in that specific industry. Another one is you want
to increase your network on LinkedIn itself. So, whether they’re followers, or whether they’re mutual
connections you want to make sure you get as
many people as possible, because for LinkedIn the more people that you are connected to or are following you, it trends into their network. So, its this crazy thing that happens where if one person engages in your post, then their network engages
and they see your post on their news feeds. Then of course the more
people who are already in your personal network, the more people you can reach within their
network, and their network, it’s almost like an MLM
situation that happens. Of course, its not but it
is how LinkedIn is set up. All right, so the final one is to choose the top trending material
on to your LinkedIn profile. So, once you have made all
of this amazing content, and people are engaging in it, you’ll probably start to see which one is either trending, or which
one is the most engaged, and that means that they have resonated with something that you actually said and it’s something good, and you’ll appear as
an expert and authority in your industry. So, whatever that post may be, you want to make sure
you copy and paste it on your LinkedIn profile for number one, to re-engage people
back in to your LinkedIn video or content, whatever you posted. And then number two, it
actually keeps it alive. So, for LinkedIn your post or article or whatever it is, it might die, but if somebody re-engages back in to it whether they like it,
whether they comment on it, it actually shows back
up in to their networks. So, it might actually
trend all over again. So, that is the advantage
of putting what already has trended, proven to
be trending, back into your LinkedIn profile, and then it might re-engage
and re-trend all over again. There it is. These are the five things
that my mentor Sifu Dan Lok and I use all the time on LinkedIn, and if you found that helpful then I will put some links
under the description that you can go ahead and check out.


    The Universe is not in a hurry. You are. It’s why you’re tired, it’s why you’re anxious, stressed, and disappointed. Trust that what was meant to be yours, will be yours Unrush yourself. Hope our channel helps you on your journey!!

    Linkedin is surely a good platform for professional and quality audience and with a little less competition compared to other social media platforms.

    If your reading this, you will have great luck in your day!

    I believe in you, work hard and stay confident!

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    What a pleasant surprise! ☺️

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    Gary V was right. It's becoming a much better place to connect, network and market your work and skills. Obviously it's been like that , but now it may begin to take the place of more popular sites. Appreciate this as always Dan and Tina.

    1. Post and Article Copywriting
    Have a captivating hook!
    2. Videos
    Be mindful of who your clientile is!
    3. Hashtags
    4. Increase your Network on LinkedIn
    5. Choose the top trending material onto your profile

    Like others have said, it is a pleasant surprise to see you here! And for anyone reading this, if Sifu Dan trusts Tina to present on HIS channel, and we all love what Sifu has to say, then it stands to reason that we better pay close attention to any guests on here!

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    Thank you so much Tina, this us exactly the knowledge I was seeking, this morning, to help with the next step of marketing my fashion design business on LinkedIn. So you literally made my day! Would you like a follow up to know how effective it is for us? I can comment back in a few weeks. Thank you, and thank you Dan.

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