5 Things Missing from the New AdWords Interface

5 Things Missing from the New AdWords Interface

– Are you moving to the
new AdWords interface? Well stick around, ’cause here
are five missing features, that could trip you up. (’80’s electronic game music) Hi, I’m Ed from AdEvolver.com and in this video, I’m
gonna show you five features missing from the new AdWords interface and if you’re new to the
new AdWords interface, be sure to check the link
in the description below to the video, where I run through all the new features in the new interface, that are not found in the
old AdWords interface. So the first thing not
necessarily missing, but it’s changed its name
is in Audience Targeting, so before, we used to have
Target & Bid and Bid Only and now Target & Bid is called Targeting, whereas Bid Only is called Observations. Another thing that’s moved
or removed is Dimensions, that’s now under the Reporting
button in the top menu and it’s called Predefined Reports, so Dimensions are no longer Dimensions, it’s Predefined Reports and as of recording this video, Analytics Metrics are not
being pulled into AdWords yet, hopefully they’ll come, so
Behaviour Metrics are not there, but thankfully all the
Conversion metrics are, so if you’re looking for Balance Row, Average Time and so on and so on, they aren’t in the new
interface, not yet anyway, I would have thought that
they should be coming hopefully some time in the future. Also some columns have been removed, so the Click Assist Conversion and Impression-Assisted Conversion columns are no longer available, this information has now been moved to the Attributions Report
within the top menu, so instead of reviewing the columns on your Account Level,
Campaign Level, AdGroup Level, you have to go into
Attribution and drill down Campaign, AdGroup and keyword that way, instead of using columns and the Display Planner
has been discontinued, so instead Google have
implemented a Forecasting Tool, so when you create a Display Campaign now, based on the audience makeup and the topic’s keywords,
placements and so on, it will give you a Forecast of your impressions versus your spend, instead of having a
dedicated Display Planner and that’s it, the five missing
or renamed or moved features in the new AdWords interface. So in summary, the five things that have been moved or
renamed or just aren’t there, firstly is Audience Targeting has a rename from Targeting & Bid to Targeting & Bid Only to Observations, the Dimensions tab has been removed, or moved should I say and is
now called Predefined Reports, thirdly the Analytics
Metrics Behaviour Metrics are not being pulled into
AdWords columns just yet, some columns have been removed, in favour of the Attribution model, so your Click-Assist column,
for example, no longer exists and finally the Display
Planner is no more, instead we have Forecasts,
which are similar, pretty good and I can see
why they’ve made that change, ’cause it’s within the
Campaign Build options. So have I missed anything? Is there any more features,
that you can’t find? Leave a comment below, if
you like this, give us a like and there, maybe consider subscribing. Until next time, thanks
for watching this video, see you soon. (’80’s electronic game music)


    Another one we've found, you can't add/remove shared negative keyword lists to campaigns from the shared library view.

    You have to do it at the campaign view, which is just a slower way to do it, compared to the old interface. 🙁

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