3 Unorthodox SEO Tips to Increase Organic Website Traffic (RIGHT NOW)

3 Unorthodox SEO Tips to Increase Organic Website Traffic (RIGHT NOW)

you want to rank higher on Google you don’t want to wait years before you get the results what should you do hey everyone i’m neil patel and today i’m gonna share with you three unorthodox ways to boost your search engine rankings and start getting results today the first tip I have for you is go and buy other properties within your space have you noticed that I’ve bought a lot of other websites and I’m merging into neil patel com it’s expensive you don’t have to go as crazy as I am but it’s a great way to grow your search engine rankings without spending a ton of money on SEO everyone’s like Oh SEO takes so much time it’s expensive hey there’s a lot of people who already have their rankings that aren’t making any money why not just go and buy those sites for pennies on the dollar it’s so much cheaper than doing SEO yes it’s crazy but it works for example I get a ton of traffic for the ubersuggest keyword tool because I bought it for a hundred and something thousand dollars I merged into Neil Patel comm and now the URL for it is Neil Patel comm slash ubersuggest through it one day yes I helped build more backlinks the tool is already getting a lot of traffic it wasn’t really making money so I was able to buy it for a good deal and now I get over an extra four hundred thousand page views on my site per month and amazing rankings because that site was already doing well ranking well I kept the tool in this original format I built more features made it better and boom release it all for free the second and Orthodox tip I have for you is go after people who promote your competitors and here’s what I mean by this so let’s say your a weber a weber is the email solution and your convertkit you would want to head up everyone who’s promoting the aweber offer in their blog post and be like looking for promoting a weber i can give you higher payouts just take all of your blog posts that discuss a weber vs MailChimp and also promote tools like convertkit just add us in there what do you have to lose we’ll pay you to promote us and by doing that you’re not only gonna get more traffic but those links will have Benji help you boost rankings now you’re supposed to no problem and I recommend you no problem if you’re paying people but what I found is most people are like look if your products amazing and you teach them how to use your product because they’re probably using the other competitors that’s they’re promoting and maybe you even give it to them for free so that way they get more use out of them and if they like it in most cases they’ll plug you in for free without asking anything and because you didn’t ask for a link or by the link you can get a ton of backlinks when we first launched crazy egg which is a heatmap analytics tool now it offers a be testing usability analytics even has a WYSIWYG where you can adjust your site and make changes without even being a designer developer we gave free accounts to people at TechCrunch Mashable and we didn’t know if they’re right about it or not we’re like you should just use this on TechCrunch see what happens and we didn’t even release a product we’re in beta people like TechCrunch wrote about it because like oh my god this is really cool check out this heat map of TechCrunch all by giving away our product and service for free it’s a really simple strategy that can generate a ton of search traffic in the long run so the third unorthodox tip I have for you is when you’re trying to get rankings in English yes its competitive and it takes long but if you’re trying to get rankings in Portuguese like Brazil for example or in Latin America for all the Spanish languages guess how long it takes in many cases you can pop up a brand new website and get rankings like could you not in one or two months it’s not that competitive they don’t have enough content in Latin America heck even in some parts of Europe they’re lacking content and when google lacks content what do they have to do that the ranked sites faster because the good ones should be at the top so people can get the information faster don’t just expand your content into all these different countries to get more search traffic instead you look at your customer base what are they coming from what languages do they speak we found that 51 percent of our revenue is from overseas so we started taking our content looking at the most popular regions and translating them to the regions that were bringing us the most amount of money that weren’t english-speaking and then once we did that we went out we built links within those regions we did outreach and people like yeah we’ll link to you there’s not that much content in these regions we would love to didn’t try pitching us for money then I try charging us or asking for anything in exchange I was like sure we’ll gladly link to you we just use HR clang we translate our conte manually but we use a trap link to tell Google hey this is our content but in Spanish and it’s for Spain or here’s our content in Portuguese and its target roads of Brazil audience and as we build links built a soldier shares in those communities because it’s really cheap to do Facebook ads or Twitter ads in those regions we’ve got a ton of traffic and the rankings just came in right now we get so much traffic in Brazil it’s roughly 50% of the size traffic-wise compared to what we’re getting for the United States so if you want quick easy traffic look for where your revenues coming from I bet you have some overseas start looking at their most popular regions and transit your content into those regions it’s an amazing way to just get tons of traffic my buddy Solow his wife created a site called s buses online within six months she generated a hundred thousand visitors a month just from Google guess how many backlinks she built less than ten why you may ask how is this possible it’s because there’s no competition in these regions now if you like these unorthodox strategies to boost your search engine rankings like the video share it tell other people about it because I want to help everyone of course subscribe to the page or to the channel and if you have any questions or comments on hey how can you implement this on your sites how can you do it right what other unorthodox tactics could you be leveraging leave a comment below with your questions I’ll answer them and I’ll give you even more tips thank you for watching


    Hey Niel,am a newbie btw after creating a blog and posting enough good quality content, what/which SEO method should I be start doing very first apart of keyword research ?

    Love the 3rd tip especially, though about your other tip, selling my SEO friendly platform is tempting, I would rather make it work LOL…

    Hi Neil, What a great video! I was thinking about translating my website for Spanish speaking locals. What is your opinion on this and is it in line with your thoughts on your video, or is it really geographically based? You feedback is really appreciated.

    hey neil.. great video and information agin. thsi i svery helpfull. i want to ask you a question that is, i publish a article a month ago but i get views only 10-15 per day on it but i get daily lump-sum 800 comments spam on it. what"s going wrong with it?

    Neil all this was perfect. The only thing that was going through my mind was how do you do outreach to these other companies and people to build links. Do I get the emails translated? I'm really excited to try this out.

    Keep crushing it. P.S. Do you have any advice for privet course websites? I would love to have a privet training website but only upload videos and text. Thank you brother.

    great insight Neil… Do you think the last point which you have mentioned stands for south east asia as well?? as there are millions of content in pool for India ,Pakistan. Srilanka, Thailand and so on…What should a Indian do if he or she wants to build a Insurance website may be in Thai language or in Portuguese about which he or she does not have any idea? can you guide us through this steps once.

    Hi Neil nice video.
    I have I doubt breadcrumbs are good for SEO or bad. Right now I am facing problem with breadcrumbs

    Hi Neil,
    Thanks for sharing these new tricks. However, I'd like to know more about how to make this happen.
    There is a keyword (longtail keyword) I wrote about in and my site is ranking in 54 position the first 3 days currently in Google in 52 position in just 5 days without any backlink yet. Now, my question is how to bring this article to first page, if not the feature snippet but at least to the first 4 post on search ranking. How do I achieve this? Meanwhile, I watched your previous video on interlinking target post in other posts which I did. Would building few backlinks, say 5-10 increase the ranking or I have a lot to do? The keyword is less competitive though with high monthly search.
    NB: I have a detailed article on the keyword, planning to create a video to support the post anytime soon.

    Wow that'S good tips. We get all this Infos 4 free that s mean if we paid we can get crazy tips and big résult. Some are Lucky to be able to work with you 🖒👏

    Thank you for this wonderful video Neil Patel <3 !! Can you make a video about the best free tools for bloggers ?

    How to translate English blog to French
    Is there any plugin to use ?
    And if I did post on French are you sure it will reach only French instead of reaching other places ?
    Thank you in advance

    Good evening Neil,
    I'm trying to link my website to Facebook instant article, i went through too many tutorials on how to do this , none of them worked, i have my app id and everything required, but still my fb page is not showing up when I try to sign up for fb instant article.
    I know this is out of topic "SEO." However, if you have any idea about this please help.
    Thank you

    I must say your website is amazing with lots of features. Very helpful for my website. Thank you 🙏🙏🙏

    Hi Neil, when you say that you are buying cheap domains with good rank and small traffic do you add them to the same domain as your main website, or you use some other server with different IP address?

    Hi Neil , great info once again . my self and my partner building free training membership site on crypto . we like to build audience around bitcoin and crypto . we need help with SEO and social media marketing strategy . which is the best way to go and if you have any agency we can hire

    Yea just buy a domain for a 100 grand.. Dude if I could do that I wouldnt care about getting better rankings I'd be retired. C'mon…

    Wow exciting! My wife is setting up her business to attract people from Colombia and other Latin countries. Can't wait to start facebook ads for her podcast to see how much her audience and email list grows. Thanks Neil !

    I have a Science And Technology Website where I write News, Reviews, Insider etc. Please give me some tips so that I can get more organic traffic. BTW, you are doing an amazing job! 🙂

    Sir Patel i need advice or recommendation. I wanna run affliate campaign using banner ads, do you have recommended site to run it profitable?

    How do you get traffic with a bought website if you change the domain name?? Doesn't changing it to a new domain makes it drop its positioning in Google?? How can you do it the right way??

    Neil, you are the best. Can I ask if I need to do different sites with different domain names for different languages? I am new to blogging so I also have to search how to add backlinks to sites.

    Can you please make video on promoting duplicate content to get traffic and another video on how to promote website in non English country in little detail

    Thanks for sharing this important informations, Neil.

    Greetings from Italy, have a nice day 🙂


    I want to become an online teacher on marketing within Latin America. With a bit of hard work on my site and personal branding, could I literally dominate the market? Or would it take just as much work as in the English speaking world in the same niche?

    I have been blogging for 1.2 years. I have 300 t0 500 visitors a month from Google. 80% of my traffic comes from the USA. I also want to rank higher in UK, canada and Australia. How should I do? Can somebody help me?

    I am definitely taking advantage of translating my luxury travel website into multiple languages.

    Hi Neil!

    I read your blog regularly, and I would like to ask you a question regarding the opportunities you describe in languages other than English. You are very clear that the true value lies in content on your article "how to create better content for your customers", but here is a tricky situation:

    Lets suppose that the keyword "fresh fruit" has a difficulty of 80 but "buy fruit online" has a difficulty of 2 and a potential traffic of 250. Great opportunity for a beginner to start climbing the ladder!

    At this point, let's also suppose that my language is Greek (true story!) and the search query "buy fruit online" is not a natural phrase to use on a a sentence in Greek. An exact translation would sound like "fruit find purchase"!

    So, how am I going to grab this low hanging… "buy fruit online", while writing valuable and natural content?

    How do I fulfill my strategy and select to rank for "buy fruit online" rather than "fresh fruit", when the rule of quality content doesn't allow me to use the keyword of my choice not even once?

    This situation is common with almost every potential keyword in Greek and I guess that the same may happen in many languages, other than English.

    My kingdom for your thoughts!!!

    Neil! How can I find more people like you to make this world a better place?? Thanks for everything you do!

    I dont understand does google allow purchasing of old websites and changing the content to keep websites authority.? Is that not black hat?

    I like the idea of translating some of my content. One of the sites I am managing is for a tourist destination, and could benefit from that. However, I don't speak those other languages, so what is the best way to translate them? Is there a tool you use?

    Hi.. Sir…How many internal links…Best for seo…I.e…I have an article about 1000 words…How many internal links…Shall i insert…Pl reply sir..

    Hello Sir,

    I am facing some issue with ranking my client website on Google for first time can you please help me with this.?

    hi, great video! thanks so much for sharing. i like the idea of translating my site to rank better. use WordPress, should i just make copies of my webpages? and link to them from the English page? do you have a suggestion on how to best do it?

    On the topic of UberSuggest thank you so FUCKING much for doing that. Absolutely tired of the monopoly similar sites have, really, I owe you a ton. Everything I need, search volume, difficulty and a short list of SERPS, for FREE. I luh you baby.

    Hi Neil, quick question if I may? I have a new website with roughly 30 pieces of content and some are receiving significantly more traffic than others. Is there a way for me to understand/analyse why? Some tool or software perhaps? I'm using the in built seo software and all posts are green/green for seo and readability. Several posts are about the same subject (ish) but one in particular is being viewed far more than the others. I'd like to find out exactly why so I can work out what I've done 'right' with that post. Hope that makes sense! Many thanks in advance. And thank you for the amazing content, videos, channel etc. You're very inspiring 🙂

    hello niel , i am having one question that if someone updates its blog regularly ten from where to find content topic , for example technology . Where to find a good content and how to no which keyword is ranking for free , students cant afford much money for buying every thing premium

    Hi Neil. Love the videos. I have a question. We have a dance school in London uk. Most of our customers are from mainland Europe (France, Italy etc). How would I promote to these people in their own language? Duplicate the page in the chosen language? TIA

    Hi Neil! Thanks for all your vids! I have a question: I have two types of pages on my website: "TOP lists" about products with some description, and the other type is a "buying guide" for those products (they have their own page and URL). Internal links of course included. If I would like to rank my "TOP lists" on google, would it be better to merge the two pages? So instead of two different page, I will have a bigger one with the "TOP list" and the "buying guide" included. Because then there will be more content on those pages in that specific topic and maybe they can rank better.

    Thanks Neil! In regard to your first tactic (buying existing websites and redirecting them to your own), where do you suggest finding the domains? Should I be looking for active websites or expired ones?

    Thanks again!!

    Hi Neil…great Tips…i just want to ask you i am a beginner startng up to build a website and is there a way to find out at this initial step, that which language or country other than english i have the audience for my website?

    Hi!! Really…the last trick was more than amazing!!!
    Internet is dumped with just eng!
    Other language content is still a bigger chance to grab!!
    Thanks for idea.

    What to do if anybody wants to rank on the regional languages like hindi, Hinglish? What will be your consultation

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