3 Elements That Allow People To Say Yes

Hey Aloha and welcome back hey we’re
here at Algodones dunes otherwise known as Glamis Dunes and right around World
War two right there before there was somebody who proved that you could
actually get a car across these they didn’t think it was possible because I
was afraid that you might seep into the sand now a guy proved that and now
that’s what connects San Diego and Yuma might actually tell the I-8. Now the thing
about it is this is very similar to you and your clients see because last week
we talked about LIST OFFER COPY there’s three more things that are super
important when you really start opening that up and what those three things are
with inside of your offer is the hook story and the offer. The hook being
number one and that’s the title that’s the thing that grabs people attention, right. Thats the thing that stops them from scrolling in thumb world. And when you have that it really get people to slow down and pay attention to what you have now you have their attention for about that long then you Then you gotta hook them in with the story and
the story is work the emotions comes that’s where they see themselves they
see themselves making it way through the sands that are slowing them down. That takes you to
the third thing which is the actual offer, right? And if you really think about the offer again we talked about testing those offers you got to have multiple offers and you’re constantly
testing tweaking these three things Russell Brunson who you all know out
there owns Clickfunnels says they when something’s not working it always boils
down to the one with one of these three things your hook your story your offer
your whole goal here is to be able to get from people from where they are to
where they want to be! And to them the sand dunes all of this stuff looks like
quick soon when you get them to stop and with the
right title the right right message off the beginning it gives you a chance to
tell your story it gets a chance for you to get them involved in the story then
when you make that right offer at the end it allows them to understand that
you can be the person that’s gonna put the wood planks down and get them
across the sand that seems like quick sand. Hey I hope this helped if your watching this on Facebook you like below hopefully this helped you out today or if some of
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