$20,000 PROFIT Per Month From 1 Product!? How I RANK Products #1 On Amazon

$20,000 PROFIT Per Month From 1 Product!? How I RANK Products #1 On Amazon


    How come nobody every says what product they're selling? Is it illegal to say or is it because the market might get over saturated? Just wondering lol but more affiliate marketing videos would be cool

    if you dont mind me asking what did you make profit of your first product launch or what is a realistic first product profit

    Nice work! So just a question as I am a bit confused – is the product you find already being sold; for example a fluffy iphone case, you see that it is selling well and then proceed to buy the exact same product from a manufacturer and then just market and advertise it to get more sales than the competitors?

    Hey tanner, just wondering when u send products directly from china to Amazon, when you are creating the listing under the "ship from" section do u input the Chinese manufacturers address there or do you input ur own u.s address there

    Hey, great vid as always! Do you have a fixed offer that you approach influencers with everytime or will each influencer make their own demands? Also have you ever had to go through the ungating process? It would be great if you would be able to make a video on that

    great work… good luck with this new product… how do you go about qa issues with your batch of supply? i know of other successful fba sellers who like to personally inspect there supply themselves before they ship it to amazon… how do you ensure the quality assurance of your batch of supply? thanks again…

    1k subs already ! Dang .. can you do a video on how to find credible suppliers from alibaba or any other recourse ? I'm also wondering what your initial investment was for your first product and how fast you were able recovered it ? Thanks !

    Great Video Again Man! should be joining your course by Thurs. My 2 questions are. 1. All you need to get started is the $40 seller fee for FBA besides the obvious cost of product investment. The shipping fees and etc come out of once you start selling the product right? 2. When you get paid does Amazon send you a Deposit to your bank account every 2 weeks or is it monthly? thanks Man!

    Hey how much of a PITA is working with a product that you cant get on prime, yet has a good opportunity? I guess I would just be stuck doing fullfillment/ finding someone to

    Awesome video! I'll be getting into FBA soon, as of right now I'm focusing on SMMA. My brother has already completed your course & he's already found a few potential products that will make him around 3k-5k a month by following in your footsteps. haha. Thanks a lot for what you do!

    This is amazing. Thanks Tanner. I'm in the SMMA program now. I want to have 3 clients first before I make my first investment in a product on Amazon, but I'm also in your course and I can't wait to finish it and get some results by this Summer.

    Hi so I just have one question, do you find products to make a listing on or do you just completely make a new listing, but just a better and improved version of that product? Not sure on which to do, could I have your email please? Thank you

    Honestly if u haven't bought this program yet your wrong !!!!!!!he teaches u everything u need to know about fba and is very helpful when it come to asking him pretty much anything u ask he answers very quickly

    damn. u beat me to commenting on his video. haha. its a competition i see :p

    btw thanks for ur content. i promise ill come public soon.

    cheers bro. i look forward to ur success and learning from u too.

    may the force be with u

    Really useful,you should do a vid on amazons strict rules,kinda break it down and try to simplify them more,coz if u break them it's very hard to get ur account back,

    Hey Tanner does a person have to LLC their product label first before putting it on a suppliers product or can we just send it to them and start selling it with the private label on the product without doing anything?
    Thanks and keep up the great work

    Wow this is unbelievable to get sales in just a few days .

    My question is about affiliate marketing how to find the Right Targeting when advertising on Facebook ?

    tanner what is your opinion on a product that has huge amounts of sales ( in the 1000s units per month ) from many many different sellers however they all have very low reviews under 60 for most… will it be super hard to penetrate the market due to the amount of sellers and the volume of there sales…. thanks in advance for helping others… you deserve all the success thats coming to you….

    Hi Tanner, i like the way how you explain. I want to see how to find good suppliers on Alibaba, the problem i face is to explain them my specific requirement as most of them don't understand English well. Also how are returns handled by when products are shipped by FBA.

    I just have a question, I remember the course allowing 25 people in? Now is it available for anyone who's able to buy it or is there a deadline and certain amount of people being able to join ?

    Hey Tanner, thanks for your videos lots of great KNOWLEDGE!
    quick question so your program shows us how to get a hold of a supplier as well as how to negotiate and post the items on Amazon?

    Hey, I'm new to your channel. I used to do dropshipping in the past shopify + facebook ads, had success. This seems new to me, is this mainly dropshipping + amazon ads?

    Hey bud, I really appreciate these kind of videos. However, I'd love to know the real profit that you're making off that. I mean, you have to rest the cost of the products plus the Amazon FBA fees, and they're not cheap. I just want people like you – with experience – to give us real data, so we can actually prepare ourselves. Not everything is so simple when it comes to Amazon selling. I've seen numbers like that and getting a negative paycheck at the end of the month, because of the fees.

    Anyways, thanks for the info.

    how can you do this from example a small european country? I bet most of your sales are from domestic anerican market.

    1500-3000 sales per month?? Wouldn't that be considered too competitive or was it the reviews that kept your interest?

    Got a week left guys waiting on the info now to finish my shipping plan will keep you guys updates as well as you Tanner Fox I'm fucking stoked and like I've been saying on every video that I've see from tanner Your fucking Wrong if u haven't gotten this program yet if your skeptical at all dude please ask people in the program questions we all seem like people willing to help so Get the fucking program you won't regret it!!!!!!!
    Can't wait to show my earning Facebook: nico candelario

    After the Chinese New Year, did the supplier send it to you then you had to send it to amazon, or they did it for you?

    Could you maybe do an arbitrage recap and give maybe 2 or 3 examples and go over how Tanner does it. I've seen other videos but I just care what your method is since I will be getting your course. (Yes ultimately I will PL +FBA )

    Hey Tanner, What are you currently using to track sales from your influencer marketing campaigns on Instagram to your Amazon product?

    Your course is $495 but ther are courses on Udemy for $20 that seem to go over the same material. What do you offer that they dont?

    you are saying ur friends gave you reviews but that is not right according to amazon. there is a new rule that says they dont allow friends and family to give u reviews. did u know that Tanner? you dont think that will get u into problemes with amazon? what do u suggest? Thank u.

    Hey tanner whats the progress on the influencer marketing?With the person who reviewed shouted that product out

    You still doing email funnels? it seems like a good way to implement CPA offers in niches related to your PL product. btw, your video skills have gotten much better since this vid!

    Why is it good to bid money on keywords? Does bidding on keywords make your product get advertised more often

    I'm based in the UK, Amazon UK is fairly large and everyone uses it and having a UK bank account already makes things alot easier – do you think it's worth the extra work for me to setup a USA bank acc and have my products shipped there to sell on Amazon USA, or should I focus on Amazon UK first and possibly expand to USA later?

    Hey tanner, When you say you are selling this product… are you taking this product that you found and then re-packagind it under a diff name you came up with under your LLC? Or do you jst sell the product as sold and advertised by the supplier ? thanks..

    Tanner, when you get ranked, how do you know what page your product is on? do you just go through the pages manually and find it?

    Great video!!! Really cool! But I have a little question for you! Did you always private label your product? Or you can only sell some existing product with no label at all?!

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