What’s up Boss! Thank you for watching this video my name is GAY AIDA DUMAGUING but you can call me G I’m a specialist based here in Cebu. I market businesses from around the world right here from my home in cebu philippines through marketing their websites online ranking their website on Google to reach out and get more customers for their business I have been doing this service for almost 8 years now so i’m turning eight in this September 2018 offering my service, marketing websites for this past eight years I offer three seo service packages but there are two that are favorites of my clients One is the seo service that i called TASTE TEST where I charge $300 per month and the package name itself will tell you what you will expect from it. It’s best for the businesses who just want to try SEO who doesn’t have much of a budget for marketing their website my second seo package called DELICIOUS again the name itself tells you what you expect from it it gives you a delicious results for $500 per month per website So if you’re interested with seo service with my seo service and my seo packages you can check out through this link right here or I’ll just put the link down below this video so you just can click on it and visit the website to know more about my packages So in this video we’re not going to talk about SEO service and SEO or anything but basically we’re just gonna talk about me it makes appearance to give you an idea about my experience as an SEO expert or SEO specialist So this video will hopefully will convince you and let you know why you should hire me So i was able to list 20 commonly or frequently asked questions When someone interviews me but i’m just gonna answer ten of them right now that I think that it’s most likely you want me to answer that you want to ask to me and you want to know about me so here are the top ten frequently asked questions for SEO specialist I started working along way back in 2009 way before i finished my degree as an IT or BS Information Technology so basically i started working as a seo specialist since 2010 and have been doing this for almost eight years yes, i am all seo specialists must be updated with the recent changes of search engines like google normal follow blogs forums and Talk to other seo specialist in the area even outside the country i even get this with my clients it’s kind of hard to ignore the changes when it’s just right there in your reports the data that is through your client and you kind of question what is going on right now With this day that kind of detective changes even someone’s not talking about it or even google did not announce it So you’ll notice from other forums that people are talking about this asking each other if they notice this and that so it’s kind of hard to ignore the changes i’m sorry from google analytics of course i use Sem rush because it has almost everything that i need as an seo Specialist to be able to do key research check the rankings monitor the clients websites and so on and so forth as for link building Purposes i also do use some tools like 6 submitter before a social bookmarking demon and a lot of tools a heartily and paying it monthly but not all ties are Automated because i don’t want to depend on it took too much i automate tasks that are very simple and easy to do or that is okay to do an automation for every now and then and rit i’m not a perfect ten i can’t say that i know everything i love seo but it has the ranking websites getting traffic through search engines i can totally do that their seo that has more experience in years more than i do And less than hi i have been that knows a lot more than i have so i gotta say i’m about seven or eight but i guess a So this is a very common question to those who are hiring someone From the other side of the world i totally understand that but basically in my process i’ve always busy with you i always consult with you in the first month because i need your approval i need your decision on what keywords and what to do especially on the changes of your website i want also your approval With it i don’t want to make Decisions myself without consulting you or let me know what are the changes that i would like to make if you want to say no or yes i Want, to know about that so the first month will be that time i’ll be mostly getting in touch with you asking you things Following up on you so it’s very important on the first month but on the following month there will be less busy with you but more on campaigns the seo campaigns for your website so i won’t be Bothering you more but muttering you’re less but just giving you updates every now and then if necessary because a lot of my friends are owners of the business i want them to focus on their business and sometimes they don’t respond in a week so i just usually update them read Important stuff and of course the reports every and of the month every after end of the month usually i send reports out On the first week of the month and these are reports of the? Previous one i know some of you that is we’re concerned that i’m not getting touch with you you’re not hearing for me it’s pretty much
Normal that you’re concerned about it but if you want to talk to me if you want to ask me something if you have any? Concerns about moberg and just email me and tell me what time you want to talk or even if you want to talk right away usually i go online immediately when you asked me to if you want me to go online maybe tp or If you want to bowl line in a schedule time and day i can do that But there are times i have to admit there are times that i can go online immediately Because i am out paying somebody else Grocery saying clear everything and i’m living with my mama say abetik so there are times i have to bring her to the hospital to have her checked by your doctor every now and then but i always respond to your email that hey i can’t go online right now but We can’t change the schedule and maybe i’ll be able to come back home later at night and so on so forth so i’ll be able to respond with you immediately within 24 hours but usually less than an hour or two i Will respond because i have my pocket wi-fi with me so i can be online check emails just in case you want me to you Have questions to me i can go online like through skype or facebook Video chat but i don’t suggest ready to do it because the fact is wi-fi is not as strong that it can handle that kind of calls so i suggest that we have these calls at my home Where i am the only one using the internet but again if you want to chat right away no calls no videos i am always online 24/7 unless and honestly but please understand that i’m not always awake when you’re away because our time zone I’m happy to say that i haven’t and never have been? responsible for it but there was a kind of might have a small chance of getting penalized because He thought that the morally means he kept the better ranking he gets and what he did is that he copied all my work Copied and pasted on the same sign we submit there again two against just two exactly the same what i did without Even telling me so it all almost got, him penalized good thing i have detected it and what i did is cleaning up please a mess well yeah i have i did mistake i did screw up one time and What happened is that i didn’t understand what the developer the website developer dear to the client’s website Understand worse the home page because the home page He made is not have much content it’s just a big header and that’s it a text and the rest is the image and we need more content i Just, want to add about a paragraph or so just, to add some more text on the home page So i want to add that but when i changed that one? it does not reflect on the home page so i was kind of confused I did something and it work and it turns up and made to home page hombres reaches like calm and the other page that i have released is Hunter’s like that tom slash home page are both exactly the same so that’s a duplicate but i have Affected the ranking i took me six months to realize what i did and i was able to resolve it myself actually So i was able to get the content that you want on the website i’d be able to regain a ranking with that simple solution So though it’s a screw-up i was able to resolve it So i’ll tell you the first client that i ever have and she’s a fitness blogger she has actually a fitness motivation and vlogger She wants to marry everyone To do fitness should be motivated in working out which is very ironic because i’m fat and i don’t work out but she did make me feel that i should work out but i did and i did work out for a few months but stop So we work together or a year because she had to transfer from new zealand So uk she’s worried that she can’t afford me anymore because she had to find a new job that she is not sure that she will have the same income and they okay so she decided to end the Service but Three months later she entered the service she got in touch with me and told me and she gave thanks to my work to what i’ve done for her because through the seo because she was ranking number one for the keyword fitness motivation i’m not sure you’re still rocking them around right now but because of that product in the us have got in touch with Her to ask her to be in bursaries of their product and they want her to come to the u.s. issued a tvc tv commercial and that i think they will also a sponsor her muscle building competition i don’t know if you’re familiar with it the ones the girls with you know big muscles and She was there and she was able to meet Her idol for in the fitness industry and they were able to bond and i’m not sure up to now that they are close but She was really thankful that she was able to meet her idol because all my work and she was able to get that success and Actually she got in touch with me at two years after because she wants to Revive that website and after they advised her not to start not, to have an seo campaign unless she’s selling something because with blogging you’re not earning much not enough Surely might be earning something from blogging but it’s not enough free to hire someone To do the marketing of your blog so i told her instead if she have a business or she have a product to sell To come get in touch with me so i can help her in her success So there are actually a number Of local businesses here in the philippines even here in the area of cebu even in manila there have been offers To me to work exclusively for them and in office but And there are also some who is willing to let me work at home but the deal is they only want me to work only For them which i can’t because right now i have long-term clients that i have been red for years for at least three years And actually one of my clients have been with me for more than five years So i can’t just leave them because i want to take this road and what i’m offering now is just an seo package not Me as a whole to work for you so sorry if you want me to exclusively work for you or for your seo company i can’t do it right now Because i want to directly help this is even small businesses to their success? There are times that i am working alone there are times that i am not right now
i’m not working on i have Someone working for me as an article writer just writing hot it takes longer time with me so it took me about Two or three hours to write something by instead hire someone, to write articles for Me so i have more time to do the rest of the things that i need to do and be able to get more clients For us and there are absolutely days and hopefully in the future if i get more clients i Might be also hiring some other members of the team to help me read the service to help me to be able to maintain the quality of their service even though the number of clients we will have we will be able to maintain and deliver the service that a client expects So you’re really interested with my seo service my seo package please feel free to contact me again you Can just visit this lady or i’ll just put the link of my resume down below this video so you will be able to check out my profile and my other services available and of course check out my Portfolio i’m just writing at the very bottom of the website you can be able to find the contact form where you’ll be able to contact me which is right there and i’ll be getting in touch with you within 24 hours or maybe less than two hours and let’s talk about the success of your business through marketing your website online through Seo but If you have any more questions about my surface of an seo please feel free to comment it down below and i’ll try to answer It to another video or just reply to you right there at the comment section but if you want to get to know me more through watching my videos here in this channel Please subscribe to this channel give this video a thumbs up if you like me so far as an seo specialist and In the future you want to hire me please like this video and share this video to your friends or somebody you know that who needs a co Service for their business and of course subscribe to this channel to be able to get To know me more and hear more about and understand about Seo and of course to forget to reunification belt just right there so you’ll be notified every time i upload a video thank you for watching this video i hope you will contact me for your seo needs video guys for watching again my name is gary muggy and you can call me ji and see you guys around india and in the next videos


    1:59 – How long have you bee working as a SEO Specialist?
    2:20 – Are you updated with SEO?
    3:05 – What tools do you use for SEO?
    3:46 – On a scale 1-10 How GOOD are you in SEO?
    4:13 – How often do you communicate with SEO clients?
    7:12 – Have you ever been responsible in getting a site banned or penalized by Google?
    7:51 – What is your biggest screw up?
    9:07 – What is your most significant success?
    11:16 – Can you work only for me?
    13:01 – How can we start?

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