Have you ever wondered if it’s possible
to market your book completely for free or with a very low budget?
If that’s the case, then be sure to stay tuned because we’re
talking about 10 free book marketing ideas. Hello everyone. My name
is Mandi Lynn. I’m an author, a book cover designer and the
creator of The Book Launch Planner, and if you want to see weekly videos on
writing, publishing and book marketing, then be sure to hit that subscribe button
as well as that notification bell so you never miss an upload. [inaudible] As an author of three novels and
three co-written non-fiction’s, I’ve done a lot of book
marketing in my day. In fact, those three non-fiction’s are
actually books on marketing, but today we’re focusing exclusively on
some of the free book marketing you can do, so let’s jump right into it.
Number one is social media marketing. Now I can talk a lot about this all day. Basically the idea is that you want to
post about your book on social media, but that isn’t all you want to do. Basically the idea is that every
five to seven posts you make, only one of them are about your book. You want to do more giving
then taking in the community. If you want a full video on the topic, I do have a YouTube video
that you can check out it. It’ll be linked down below as
well as up in the info cards. So be sure to watch more on that if you
want to learn more about book marketing using social media. Number two
is send your book to reviewers. Now not only will the reviewers go
ahead and write a review of your book, but hopefully you’ve chosen someone
who’s more-so a social media influencer. This way it’s someone who will not
only read the book but post about them reading the book on their
social media platforms. Now if you watched one
of my recent videos, you’ll know I talked a lot
about The Book Launch Planner, which is out for preorder right now,
so the link to that will be down below. But in The Book Launch Planner, I have a template on how to reach
out to reviewers and Instagrammers. So you can have them feature your book. And also in the planner is a contact list
so you can say who you reached out to, what day you emailed them and whether
or not they actually wanted to read the book. So this will just help make
your life a little bit more organized. And again, if you’re
interested in pre-ordering, there’s a lot of preorder
benefits going on right now, so be sure to visit the link down below. Number three is to update your Goodreads
pages. So if you haven’t yet already, make sure you join Goodreads as an author. From there you’ll be able to control
your book’s listing on Goodreads, you can control the description, all
that jazz, but it doesn’t end there. I don’t know if you guys follow
Alessandra Torre on YouTube or not, but if you don’t, you definitely should because she posts
some awesome tutorials on how to use Goodreads to market your book. So one of the things I’ve done recently
is that I’m slowly going through all my books and updating their
listing on Goodreads. This means I’m not only
updating the description, adding some quotes from reviewers, but I’m also adding some posts where I
add fun graphics of the book and just make it that much more engaging and
makes people want to read the book even more. If you haven’t yet already, be
sure to check out her YouTube channel. Again, it will be linked
in the description. Number four is to update
your Amazon pages. So like we talked about
updating your Goodreads page. You also want to update your Amazon pages. Now you don’t have to do this if you
did an amazingly wonderful job updating your page in the first
place, but if you’re like me, you will learn as you go and you learn
that you can do things better and that it’s sometimes best to go
back and fix things later on. Another thing I’m doing besides just
updating my Goodreads pages is I’m also going in and regularly updating every
single description of my book on Amazon. Now this is making sure I include things
like keywords that are relevant to the book’s genre, making the book description sound that
much more enticing to readers and adding some quotes from reviewers as well. Now one way I find keywords to include
into my book’s description is that I use a tool called Publisher Rocket. You
guys may have heard of Dave Chesson. He is also known as
Kindlepreneur here on YouTube. His videos are awesome
packed full of advice. If you haven’t checked
out his channel again, you should be doing so and also give his
software Publisher Rocket a try because it’s not only designed to help you find
keywords when you’re trying to create Amazon ads, but it can just help you find keywords
in general to include in your book’s description, update your
book’s category, all of that. Basically what I’m trying to get to is
that when you have your Amazon page, you’re trying to optimize your page, so if someone’s just
looking up a book by genre, it may be possible that
your book will pop up. Or if you decide to run an ad, your ad will become more optimized
because your books page is optimized. Number five is create
a Pinterest board. Now, this is something brand new that
I’ve just been starting to do. I’ve been trying to get a little bit more
into Pinterest and making it something fun for my platform as an author and
one thing I do is that each book has a dedicated Pinterest board. I pin those aesthetics there and I like
to include quotes from the book in those aesthetics. That way if someone is
just on Pinterest and they see it, they’re like, Oh, that sounds really
good. I need to buy that book. Now, one of the key things you want to do when
you do pin your own stuff with quotes on it is that you want to make sure that
in that quote somewhere that you say, this is the title of the book. You can find it on Amazon and you also
want to make sure that the image that you upload links over to Amazon so
people can buy it directly there. Another thing you can do is that on
your Pinterest boards you can add descriptions of your book. So in the
description of your Pinterest board, be sure to say really quickly
the title of the book, the genre, maybe a quick one sentence describing
the book and then of course a link to the book. Now the links in Pinterest
aren’t clickable in the description, but people should be able to copy
and paste it if they are interested. Before we continue, let me know in the comments down below
if these are any tips you’ve thought of before, and if not, let me know
which one is your favorite. Number six is to add your
book to your signature. So if you’re like me, you have an email address dedicated
just to your author stuff, whatever that may be. So make sure you create
a custom email signature. And if you are like me and you
have more than say three books out, make your life easier by
just saying you’re an author, maybe mention what genre
you are, but at the least, make sure you link over to
your author website. That way, if you’re ever in communications with
someone in there, just mildly curious, it will be very easy for them to
go ahead and explore your website. Number seven is create
a book trailer. Now, there are many ways you can
create a book trailer. In fact, I have a whole playlist of book trailers
I’ve made from my books as well as videos on how to create
your book trailers. In the past I’ve done videos where I
filmed the trailer myself or I use stock photography. So for example, for
Essence, I filmed everything for, She’s Not Here. I used all
stock video clips. Either way, it’s pretty simple to create a
book trailer and if it’s done well, you can find a lot of
book sales coming from it. Number eight is to do book signings.
Book signings can be anywhere, whether it be at local
libraries, local bookstores, or you can do big giant conventions. Now I do have a video that talks about
how you can arrange book signings with bookstores. So I will
link that down below. I will let you know it’s a little
bit older, so bear with me. I’m a little bit awkward on camera, but
that’s okay. The point is still across. Right now I do at least one book
signing a month and I’ve vlog all the adventures over for my Patreon page and
I talk about the behind the scenes such as how many books I sold, how
it actually went, all that jazz. So if you’re more interested in seeing
all the behind the scenes of book signings, head over to my Patreon page
on page and join the vlogger club tier. Number nine is newsletter
swaps. So newsletters, who else might actually be one of the
most popular ways that most authors do a form of free marketing. Basically the idea is that either you and
another author or you in a whole group of authors, agree to self promote each
other on each other’s newsletters. So the key here is that you want to make
sure that whoever you swap newsletters with, you want to make sure that
you both have the same genre. So if people subscribe to my
newsletter are into young adult, I want to make sure that someone I’m
swapping with has a young adult book cause otherwise if I’m promoting
say Sci-Fi in my newsletter, that might not be the best thing for my
audience and I always want to make sure that even though I’m doing this free form
marketing that benefits myself as well as someone else, I want to make sure the quality in my
newsletter stays the same so I still have a good open rate on my emails and that
people still see value in my emails. There’s a few different ways
to find newsletter swaps. The most basic way is just to talk to
your author friends and seeing if they’re interested in doing some self-promotions
or you can find some Facebook groups or my personal favorite is
the Story Origin App, which I will link down below in the app. You can basically kind of post when you
want to do newsletter swaps or you can find other people who are doing newsletter
swaps and you can see what genre and all that. So it basically
streamlines the whole thing. And the story origin app
is free to use right now, so be sure to take advantage of it. Last but not least is give
free samples of your book. So basically what I mean here is create
a PDF version of your book where it’s only the first three
chapters of your book. Take that PDF and make it an email opt-in. That way when people sign
up to your newsletter, and not only are you getting
newsletter subscribers, but they get a free excerpt of your book
where they can read it and see if they like it and if they really,
really want to read it. Now, if you’re lucky when they get to the
end of the excerpt, they’ll be like, Oh my God, I need more. And
they go out to buy the book. You want to make it as easy as
possible for them to buy the book. And you do that by at the
end of the excerpt you have
a little embedded link and basically it’ll say want
to read more, click here. And they’ll click there and they’ll be
headed over to Amazon where they can choose whether to buy the ebook, the
paperback, the hardcover, whatever. But hopefully you will see a lot of
sales for that. And if you don’t, at the least, you have a
new newsletter subscriber, who you can hopefully convert into
buying your book later on down the line. And speaking of which to kind of
show you guys how it all works, I am giving out a free except
of my second novel. I am Mercy. I am Mercy is a young adult historical
fiction about a young woman who is being accused of being a witch during
the black plague in France. So if that sounds interesting, you can read the first three chapters
for free by just visiting the link down below. When you visit the link you’ll be signed
up for my newsletter and in return as a thank you, you get a free excerpt
of my book. So be sure to read it, hopefully you love it and maybe
you’ll buy at the end. Who knows. If you have any other marketing
ideas that I haven’t mentioned yet, be sure to let me know in the
comments down below. Otherwise, that is it for this video I do however
still want to give a shout out to our patron of the week today. Our Patron
of the week is Rebecca K Sampson. She is actually another one of my cover
design clients so it’s been an absolute blast working with her. Ember Dragon Daughter is a YA fantasy
and is the first book in the Fated Tales Series where an orphan discovers her
secret deformity is actually proof she is the missing dragon princess. She then has to decide for herself what
and who she will fight for before her family’s secrets burry her alive. The companion novel Halsey
Fated is available for
preorder now and is coming out March 31st of this year. If you’d like to know more
about Rebecca or her books, you can visit her over on her
YouTube channel, which is right here, and will also be linked down below. If you would like to be a featured Patron
of the Week, join me over on Patreon. There’s a lot of cool exclusive
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watching. If you’d like more content, I have a video marketing playlist right
here where you can just keep on learning about marketing or you can check out
the marketing for authors series.

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