$10 FM Transmitter For Car, Wireless Live Streaming Radio ► The Deal Guy

$10 FM Transmitter For Car, Wireless Live Streaming Radio ► The Deal Guy

– Today sweet audio streaming– – Under $11. (dramatic music) – Hi, I’m the YouTube
deal guy Matt Granite. – Hi, and I’m Roselyn, floor director. – Yes, very popular, becoming
more and more popular by the moment on this channel. Almost as popular as the deals, which are located right
under this video screen. Just click the “show more” tab. Whether you know me from
your local TV station, or USA Today, I find huge deals, none of these are paid products. I don’t get paid to talk about them, and you don’t really get paid at all. – No, you don’t pay me Matt. – Well, I’m not getting paid so that– one day, one day we are
gonna get this young lady a job on national television, that’s sort of our goal. So just keep giving her thumbs up, talking to her, it’s all good. She responds to every comment. Before we get to the
full demo test in a car, and to show you how this 76% off deal can work wonders for your vehicle– – So we’re giving these away, so if you haven’t subscribed, be sure to do so. – If you’re not yet
subscribed to this channel, click the subscribe button
you see on your screen You’ll be signed up and
good to go for not only eligible freebies but future deals. At 78% off this iClever
$10 streaming system for all of that music
trapped on your smartphone or even your tablet. It’s a great way to avoid
paying for satellite radio and also enjoy high quality stereo where you can answer your phone calls. A plug and play, top rated unit, with a 12 month warranty,
lifetime support. Look at how good the reviews are. And at 10 bucks, the price is insane. With a coupon located right
up under the video screen to lower the price. – So we have this which plugs in into your DC adapter, your cigarette lighter. So you plug that in right there. And then what’s really awesome is that you can play your music and charge your phone at the same time. So here you can plug in
your phone to charge it. – [Matt] Now I apologize everyone for the camera quality,
it is very dimly lit. Hi Pat! – Hey Pat! – [Matt] We love you. So let’s do this. – All right, so we’re gonna put
our D adapter right in here. And then as you can see it’s lighting up so it works. And what we’re gonna do
is take the other side and plug it into here. We’re gonna set our station
to an available frequency. – [Matt] And as you can see, we’ve matched the frequency up here so they are paired beautifully and easy to adjust with these controls. – Yeah, so it’s as simple as play and go. – [Matt] Awesome sound Roselyn! – Yeah – [Matt] Now this is Madilyn Bailey. I love you Madilyn! She doesn’t watch me but that’s fine. ♫From walking home and talking loads – [Matt] Are you dancing? – Yeah. ♫To seeing shows in
evening clothes with you♫ – The sound is great,
the song sounds clear. – So this product is amazing ’cause my car doesn’t have bluetooth so now I could just listen and bump to any music as I drive, finally. – [Matt] I love it. And also if your phone
doesn’t have bluetooth, remember this uses your
headphone auxiliary connection, so you do not need a up-to-date smartphone to make this work. We are also giving away a
handful of these to subscribers. – And thank you so much
for all your comments. I’ll be sure comment back. Thank you so much. Thank you David, thank you Melinda and everybody who comments. – Whoa, you’re getting shout-outs. I’m giving a universal shout-out. Everyone I love you. For free stuff, click the subscribe button you see on your screen right now, you’ll be signed up for that and all of my biggest daily deals. To turn on your alerts, you’re gonna see a wheel
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buy any item I feature, there’s a link right
under this video window. Click the “show more” tab, and every link I have for
every deal is right there. There ya go, you are awesome, thank you so much for watching!


    This is a good item for those without Bluetooth availability in your car. I had one and used it all the time with my iPod.

    No, no. You guys the one who's awesome Matt. What else can we ask for finding good deal and discovering electronic stuff for us 🙂 Bless your Heart. Subscribe everyone is worthy 🙂

    Might have to get one so, when we FINALLY get a cell that doesn't die within a year, I'll be ready 🙂

    Happy Friday Matt & Rosalyn (sp)! $10 sure doesn't buy much these days but I'd say this is steal deal awesome!! Especially for the ones that spend time in their vehicle stuck in traffic! Ugh. Hope everyone has a Great Weekend!! Xoxo

    maybe im not putting the code in the right place?? its keeps telling me that the promotional code cannot be applied to my purchase.

    Matt, I love your deals and watch everyday. But every single time I put in the coupon code, it says not code not accepted. I am an Amazon prime member. Does that mean I don't get to use the codes?? Thanks.

    Hey guys, I just tried to purchase the unit and during checkout a red text message came up saying that I can not apply that code. Any tips on how to purchase it? Or has anyone else been able to purchase it?

    This is a great item and at an excellent price!!!!!! I wonder if it works with mp3 and iPod as well? Thanks you guys for the great deal and demo!!! Have an awesome sunny weekend!!


    Matt, when entering "EVERLOVE" we get "The promotional code you entered cannot be applied to your purchase."
    What do you suggest?Thank you for finding this gadget! VERY useful (for older cars, without the 3.5mm port)
    Team Bagnasco

    Maestro, another GREAT DEAL and I really can't believe the price, UNBELIEVABLE at $10 (with promo code of course). Apparently, they won't be available until tomorrow because they sold out so quickly…no surprise there.
    GREAT to see Roselyn back, illuminating your vlogs with that infectious smile, mmmmm! 🙂
    And, of course, we don't want to forget Pat "videobombing" your channel. Yo Pat!
    There is only one thing that I want to caution everyone about. I was told by an Auto Zone tech that you shouldn't charge your phone (and I would presume any other non lighter device) in the cigarette lighter socket. Apparently, it could cause the fuse that powers the outlet to blow. Non-lighter items should be charged in auxiliary sockets. I'm not sure if this item applies but I just thought I'd throw it out there.
    Keep it frugal, friendly, fabulous and fun on this fantastic Friday!

    thanks for showing this–the sound quality seems great !! thanks Matt and Roselyn, you have a great smile !! Keep up the great work

    So cool. Ten bucks say whaat? Can't beat it! (punny)
    I assume since it has the auxillary audio plug it should work w/ my ipod I still use daily! Thnx for the info! Take Care guys.

    I just saw that it's already sold out, BUMMER! Well I still wanna say LOVE the shout outs, and the awesome deal too!

    Amazing deal. Can't beat the price and it's awesome for those who don't have Bluetooth on their car. Another great post Matt

    WOWOWOWOWO ! Matt Rocks AGAIN ! Congratulations to ALLLLL of the Winners of the Latest FREEBIE !!!!! Drawing !
    So Happy for each and every one of you !! Congratulations to … Martha Faulker ! , Lisa Beishline ! , Da Karmel King ! , And Katie Johnson ! (No specific Order) !
    Have a GREAT Weekend ! and Enjoy your FREEBIE !

    WoW what a deal Matt I just got to watching the video and can't believe the price and the product. Hope your having a great weekend Matt.

    This would be awesome for My Daughter. Please pick me for the freebie. Thanks. You are both doing a great job. Two thumbs up.

    Seen this deal on WBIR 10 and this is the best deal I think I have seen …👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 great job 🙏

    so glad I am still able to order one. my daughter wants it and seen the video. Keep the reviews coming. love watching your energy and my kids think u r funny because of how excited u get about each product and the amount of energy u have.

    I ordered one last week! It came Monday and it works so much better than the last one I bought.  Thanks for the information!!!

    This is an amazing deal. We got it hooked up in my car quickly and easily. Great sound. My daughter just loves it. I was looking for a solution since my car is older. This is it and such an unbelievable price!

    Save you money….got two as presents and none of the techies in the family could make them work decently. Sorry Matt but this one was a bust.

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